'Scream' TV Show Trailer: It's Never Going to Work

Scream TV show gets a trailer

MTV has earned itself some credit by taking cheesy old Michael J. Fox comedy Teen Wolf and turning it into a TV show that was surprisingly good (for the first couple of seasons). Nonetheless, there were still quite a few eyebrows raised over the network's similar plan to adapt the slasher movie franchise Scream into a long-form TV series.

True to the meta-humor of the Scream movies, the first trailer for MTV's Scream pokes fun at itself with a character proclaiming "You can't do a slasher movie as a TV series," and then explaining the reasons why it wouldn't work. Chief among them is that slasher movies require a steady diet of bodies to get slashed, so the cast will need to be continually replenished with new knife fodder.

This brand of self-awareness has more recently become a trademark of the Jump Street movies, but simply nodding at the public's incredulity regarding this kind of reboot isn't enough. Scream also needs to defy those misgivings by proving that the slasher franchise can work as a TV show - and in that regard this first trailer doesn't inspire much confidence.

The acting looks pretty bland, the dialogue much the same (who thought that "You slept with Nina!" was a trailer-worthy line?) and the traditional Ghostface mask has been ditched in favor of a more "grounded, evolved" and "darker" version. Worse still, it doesn't look particularly scary.

Scream TV show gets a trailer

Scream's main cast includes Arrow star Bex Taylor-Klaus and mostly consists of other newcomers, including Willa Fitzgerald (Alpha House), Carlson Young (True Blood), John Karna (Modern Family), and Connor Weil (The Jadagrace Show).

As previously reported, Bella Thorne (Shake it Up!) will play the equivalent of Drew Barrymore's character from the original Scream. However, based on this trailer for the MTV TV show, it looks like there won't be an exact recreation of the famous opening sequence to Wes Craven's original feature.

Did this trailer leave you screaming for more or begging for escape? Tell us in the comments if you're planning to tune in for MTV's Scream.


Scream will premiere on MTV on June 30, 2015.

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