'Scream': MTV Releases First 8 Minutes of Premiere

MTV Scream First 8 Minutes Bella Thorne

In less than a week MTV will debut its television reinvention of Wes Craven's 1996 horror film, Scream. The original movie earned its cult status for both adhering to and commenting on archetypes of classic slasher flicks, providing a new twist on the genre. However, MTV's upcoming horror series will take the premise of Craven's feature and update it for a more technologically and social media-savvy generation.

Although certain aspects of the 1996 horror flick, like the infamous Ghostface mask, may or may not appear in MTV's adaptation, Scream will certainly include murders that are just as grisly as those from the film. That much is made evident by the first portion of the premiere episode, which the network has released to viewers.

MTV debuted the first eight minutes of Scream, introducing Bella Thorne (The DUFF) as Nina - the updated version of Drew Barrymore's character from Craven's film - who is stalked throughout her house by the killer before meeting her end. The premiere also introduces a video that goes viral, which according to the plot description will be a "catalyst" for the murders in Lakewood.

Scream costars Willa Fitzgerald (Royal Pains), Bex Taylor-Klaus (Arrow, iZombie) and Connor Weil (Sharknado), plus newcomers John Karna, Tom Maden, Amadeus Serafini and Carlson Young. The pilot episode was penned by Jill E. Blotevogel (Harper's Island, Ravenswood) who will serve as executive producer and showrunner alongside Jaime Paglia (The Flash).

MTV Scream First 8 Minutes Bella Thorne

The first eight minutes of the Scream premiere quickly make it clear that this series will be for a young generation. Though the opening scene of a viral video being shared is short, it follows much the same format at the teen-geared horror film Unfriended, which alienated older viewers. Additionally, the premiere updates Barrymore's scene from the original film, trading the character's phone call with the killer for Thorne's text conversation and short videos taken without her knowledge.

However, for all the standard necessities of an MTV show (such as the soundtrack and the inclusion of at least one half-naked actor) apparent in the first look at the pilot, it does provide some fun for viewers. There is at least one laugh-worthy technological gag and the show doesn't shy away from blood or the slasher-type horror. That being said, though, MTV's Scream isn't necessarily for all viewers, or even all fans of Craven's original film.

The premiere teaser falls in line with the previous trailers for the series, which focused on the teenaged drama of the main characters - and spoiled the "Heads up" reveal - in addition to the serial killer premise. So, while Scream may honor its roots in self-referential horror, it's also an MTV show geared toward a younger audience, as evidenced by the first eight minutes of the pilot episode.

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Scream premieres June 30th, 2015 @10PM on MTV.

Source: MTV

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