Scream probably isn’t the first franchise that most people would think of for adaptation into a long form TV series since the casts of the movies have have a tendency to drop off very fast. Nonetheless, MTV has ordered the first season of a Scream TV series with a pilot written by Jill Blotevogel (Ravenswood). This reimagining of the franchise will update it for the modern days with a spate of killings that are kicked off by a viral Youtube video.

Of course, the show doesn’t necessarily have to follow the patterns of the films, and some of the details have emerged suggest that it definitely won’t. Earlier this year Harvey Weinstein hinted that MTV’s Scream would pursue a supernatural direction, and it later transpired that the network had chosen not to purchase the usage rights for the iconic Ghostface mask just yet, instead opting for a new version that’s been described as “darker” and “more organic” than the cheap, hokey Halloween mask that the movie killers wore.

One element of the show that will be taken straight from the first Scream movie, however, is the opening scene. Speaking in a fan Q&A session on Facebook, Shake it Up actor Bella Thorne confirmed recent rumors that she will be starring in Scream, adding that she “will re-enact the famous scene of Drew Barrymore in the original series.”

If it’s an exact re-enactment then it doesn’t look like Thorne will be in the show for very long. Barrymore’s character, Casey Becker, dies at the end of the film’s famous first scene after being tormented over the phone by the killer, and then chased around her house. She doesn’t even get to eat her popcorn and watch her movie, which is the real tragedy.

Bella Thorne Drew Barrymore Scream Scream TV Series Sets Bella Thorne as the Drew Barrymore Character

Thorne actually starred alongside Barrymore recently in Frank Coraci’s romcom Blended, and more recently she had a supporting role in family comedy Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. She’s currently a few years younger than Barrymore was when she appeared in Wes Craven’s horror movie, which means that Scream might be one of those rare TV shows that actually has teenage actors playing teenage characters.

It’s possible that MTV will change things up a bit and have Casey survive the attack, in which case Thorne could become a regular cast member. It will certainly be interesting to see how the writers make the slasher formula work as a TV show.

Scream will premiere on MTV in fall 2015.

Source: Bella Thorne (via TheWrap)

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