Scream Season 2 Gets a New Teaser & Premiere Date

Last summer, MTV debuted a television adaptation of Wes Craven's classic 1996 slasher horror, Scream. Season 1 of the show followed a series of brutal murders in the small town of Lakewood committed by a duo taking on the mantle of local spree killer Brandon James. Though MTV's Scream took on the name and spirit of Craven's beloved film, the series largely updated and tweaked the story for a modern audience as well as the television format.

Prior to the first season's conclusion, MTV renewed Scream for a second season, and has since added new cast members to the main group of Lakewood residents, some of whom will likely fall victim to the another killer. Now, MTV has released the first teaser for Scream season 2 as well as announced a new premiere date.

MTV unveiled the first teaser (above) featuring many of the returning cast members, including the focus of the killer's obsession Emma Duvall (Willa Fitzgerald), the local horror movie buff Noah Foster (John Karna), the popular girl Brooke Maddox (Carlson Young), the outsider Kieran Wilcox (Amadeus Serafini), the jock Jake Fitzgerald (Tom Maden), and the outcast Audrey Jensen (Bex Taylor-Klaus). Additionally on Twitter, MTV announced that Scream season 2 will debut Monday May 30th rather than Tuesday May 31st, though it's unclear if the premiere episode will air at the previously planned time of 10pm ET.

MTV Scream Season 2 Teaser & Premiere Date

Joining the cast of Scream in season 2 are newcomer Kiana Lede as the overachieving high school student Zoe, Santiago Segura (Silicon Valley) as the brooding outsider Gustavo Acosta, Austin Highsmith (Gangster Squad) as the psychology teacher Karen Lang, Anthony Ruivivar (American Horror Story) as Gustavo's father Sheriff Michael Acosta, newcomer Sean Garndillo as Kieran's cousin Eli, and Karina Logue (The Affair) as Tina Hudson. For the first season of Scream, Jill Blotevogel (Harper's Island) and Jaime Paglia (Eureka) served as showrunners, but season 2 will be helmed by Michael Gans and Richard Register, both of whom worked on Make It or Break It.

While the first season of Scream diverged fully from Craven's movie, the MTV series did establish a compelling mystery with fully fledged teenaged characters - which very well may be the recipe for its success on the network since MTV skews toward a younger audience. The first season of Scream may have benefited from sticking more closely to the ending of Craven's film since the season finale wasn't able to achieve the shocking reveal of the killer that helped the 1996 slasher flick earn its cult status. But, the season as a whole was well received enough to grant a second outing.

Of course, the second season of Scream is likely to differentiate itself even further from the film franchise that began with Craven's movie. As such, the teaser for season 2 seems more geared toward exciting fans who are eager to return to Emma, Kieran, Audrey, and the other residents of Lakewood rather than those who enjoyed the movies. Certainly, the video captures the creepy and mysterious tone that was evident in season 1 while using clips of dialogue to preview what's to come in season 2. So, Scream season 2 will hopefully continue to please fans of the first season, but likely won't provide anything new to entice fans of Craven's 1996 film to give MTV's adaptation a shot.

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Scream season 2 premieres on Monday May 30th on MTV.

Source: MTV

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