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Is Scream season 4 happening, and if so, when will it be released? The slasher series based on the movies by Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson first debuted in 2015 on MTV. It ran for two seasons before getting the reboot treatment. After a long delay, the third season, Scream Resurrection, premiered on VH1 over a three-night special event.

Rather than focus on a typical suburban town, Scream season 3 shifted focus to the city of Atlanta. When a group of high school students, led by Deion Elliot (RJ Cyler), get targeted by a serial killer in a Ghostface mask, they were forced to come together before it was too late. As the victims started to grow, it became clear that the Ghostface killer was closer to the group than first thought. The deadly threat also unearthed a multitude of game-changing secrets.

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Scream Resurrection went back to its roots by using the original Ghostface mask from the movies. Roger L. Jackson also returned to provide his voice for the menacing killer. Since the mask is synonymous with Scream, it seems likely the classic version of Ghostface will be a mainstay of the series if it moves forward.

Scream Hasn’t Been Renewed For Season 4 Yet

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As of now, there have been no announcements regarding the fate of the Scream TV series or the possibility of a Scream season 4. Considering Scream Resurrection was delayed for so long, it may take a while to evaluate the future of the series. Releasing all six episodes over the course of three nights isn't common for a new season. It seems likely that VH1 will give the audience a chance to catch Scream season 3 through on-demand and other mediums before making a decision to renew the series.

When Scream Season 4 Could Release

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Scream Resurrection was filmed in late 2017 but the production delays and network move from MTV to VH1 resulted in a long journey before it was released to the public. Scream season 1 and 2 aired just a few months after filming ended. Now that Scream found a new home in VH1, the development and production stages can move much quicker. If VH1 decides to order Scream season 4, filming probably wouldn't take place until early next year. They can possibly aim for an October 2020 release if they center the next installment around Halloween as they did with Scream Resurrection. If not late 2020, then early 2021 would be the expected premiere date.

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Would Scream Season 4 Be A Totally New Story?

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When Queen Latifah took over the Scream series under her production company, Flavor Unit Entertainment, it was transformed into an anthology series. This means going forward, if Scream continues on TV, it will be feature a new story each season. A new setting and set of characters will take center stage from here on out.

Scream Resurrection provided a satisfying ending without leaving any loose ends. Those characters will not be back but that doesn't mean some of the cast can't return in some capacity. Other horror anthologies like American Horror Story have been known to use some of the same cast in different roles each season. Scream season 4 could take the same approach. The time that has passed since Scream Resurrection could make it difficult to get some of the cast to come back but don't be surprised if a few familiar faces were to pop up in future seasons if VH1 decides to let Scream grow as an anthology. Stay tuned for any updates on the fate of the horror series.

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