Scream Resurrection Cast & Character Guide

Scream Season 3 Cast

VH1's Scream season 3 cast features many notable names and a few up-and-comers. The new season consists of six episodes and will serve as a reboot for the TV series. Scream season 3, titled Scream: Resurrection, is a completely new story, setting, and cast compared to the first two installments of the show, both of which aired on MTV.

Scream: Resurrection focuses on a group of teens who are targeted by a masked killer. The setting switches from a sleepy town of Lakewood to the lively city of Atlanta. When a group of unlikely students meet in detention, they form an unlikely bond. That bond grows when they receive they have even more in common as they all start to receive threatening messages.

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The ghost-masked killer will be very familiar to fans of the Scream movies created by Kevin Williamson and director Wes Craven. The TV show is ditching the other mask and going back to the franchise's roots with the classic Ghostface mask. Roger L. Jackson is back as the voice of the crazed killer, and here's a quick breakdown highlighting the remaining Scream: Resurrection cast.

Scream season 3

RJ Cyler as Deion: Deion is the star running back for his high school's football team who is haunted by something that happened on Halloween as a child. Cyler recently appeared on DC's Swamp Thing and Black Lightning, and he's best known for playing the Blue Ranger in 2017's live-action Power Rangers movie.

Jessica Sula as Liv: Liv is the new girl at school who becomes a cheerleader and eventually grows closer to Deion. Sula was previously seen in M. Night Shyamalan's Split.

Giorgia Whigham as Beth: Beth is the goth of the group who assists with the dangerous situation thanks to her expert knowledge of horror movies. Whigham has also appeared in Netflix's The Punisher.

Keke Palmer as Kym: Kym is the rebellious student who tries to flip the scipt on the killer as a way to survive. Palmer was last seen in Epix's Berlin Station.

Giullian Yao Gioiello as Manny: Mann is Kym's gay best friend who is clearly the smartest but his wit is put the test when the killer starts to target the group. Gioiello was last seen in Netflix's Iron Fist.

CJ Wallace as Amir: Amir is the reserved member of the group due to his strict parents but he still has a lot to say. The son of Christopher "The Notorious B.I.G." Wallace portrayed his father in 2009's Notorious.

Tyga as Jamal: Jamal is Deion's loyal half-brother. Tyga is a platinum-selling rapper.

Mary J. Blige as Sherry: Deion's mother who tends to worry about her son. Blige is a multi-platinum selling artist and recently starred in Netflix's The Umbrella Academy.

Tyler Posey as Shane: Shane is a high school dropout and a stoner but he there's more going on with him than anyone realizes. Posey is best known for his role in MTV's Teen Wolf.

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