What To Expect From Scream Season 3

Scream season 3 will be a reboot on VH1 and feature an all-new cast and storyline. Here’s everything we expect from Scream: Resurrection.

RJ Cyler and VH1's Scream TV Show Ghostface

What can horror fans expect from Scream season 3? Based on the film franchise created by writer Kevin Williamson and director Wes Craven, the television series first premiered on MTV in 2015, and it returned in 2016 with a second season. The disgraced Hollywood executive Harvey Weinstein co-produced Scream season 1 and Scream season 2.

Released in 1996, the original Scream movie forever changed the horror genre with its self-aware aesthetic. A major character is killed off early on, and the subsequent installments blatantly addressed familiar genre tropes. For Scream season 1, an entirely new cast was assembled, with Willa Fitzgerald leading the way as Emma Duval, a popular girl living in the fictional town of Lakewood. Alongside Fitzgerald, both Scream season 1 and Scream season 2 featured Bex Taylor-Klaus, John Karna, Amadeus Serafini, Carlson Young, and Tracy Middendorf. But then in April 2017, MTV announced that Scream season 3 would be a reboot.

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Ever since then, the network remained mum on the details for the long-gestating Scream season 3, but that doesn't mean it's not still happening. Scream remains an iconic franchise, with the TV series functioning as a platform for up-and-coming performers. Here’s everything we expect from Scream season 3.

Scream Season 3 Release Date

Scream season 3 premieres on July 8, 2019. As revealed by the first Scream season 3 trailer, the new episodes will air on VH1 instead of MTV - both networks are subdivisions of Viacom Media Networks, so it isn't too surprising. Furthermore, rather that airing new episodes of Scream season 3 from week-to-week, VH1 will release the six new episodes as part of a three-day event. Between July 8 and July 10, two episodes of Scream season 3 will air each night. The official title is Scream: Resurrection.

Scream Season 3 Story Details

Scream Season 3

Scream season 3 is considered a reboot and will feature an all-new storyline, one seemingly disconnected from the movies and the first two seasons. The new episodes will focus on a male character named Deion Elliot. When past issues come back to haunt the star running back, his future plans for competitive football are threatened. In the spirit of past seasons and franchise films, a full ensemble cast will deepen the central mystery. Plus, the killer will once again wear the Ghostface mask.

Scream Season 3 Cast

RJ Cyler

Swamp Thing and Power Rangers star RJ Cyler will portray Deion Elliot in Scream season 3, but plenty of other young actors and actresses will join him on-screen. The following performers have also been confirmed for Scream season 3: Mary J. Blige (Mudbound), Jessica Sula (Split), Keke Palmer (Scream Queens), Tyler Posey (Teen Wolf), Giullian Yao Gioiello (Iron Fist), Giorgia Whigham (The Punisher), and the recording artist Tyga. Scream season 3 will also feature the children of pop culture icons. Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris Jackson, is featured in the new trailer, and the son of the late Notorious B.I.G., CJ Wallace, has a recurring role as well.

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