Scream Season 3 to Feature Classic Ghostface Mask

Ghostface's classic mask will appear in Scream season 3. Back when it was first announced that MTV was going to air a TV series based on the Scream slasher franchise, diehard fans of the movies were generally lukewarm to the prospect. While Wes Craven - director of all four Scream films - was on-board the new series as an executive producer, his creative involvement was minimal, and he ended up passing away before season 1 had even wrapped. Additionally, no characters from the films returned, and not even Ghostface's iconic mask was included. At that point, many fans wondered why the show was even being called Scream.

While MTV's Scream series garnered mixed reviews from critics and mostly shrugs from fans of the films, it largely succeeded with the young audience it was intended for, a group not necessarily attached to the established story of Sidney, Dewey, and Gail. After all, the heyday of the Scream films was the late 1990s, and 2011's Scream 4 passed by without much fanfare. After two seasons, MTV made the decision to start fresh, rebooting the Scream TV series in the same way a studio might reboot a movie franchise, for its third season.

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Scream season 3 will focus on all new characters in a new setting, and be guided creatively by new showrunner Brett Matthews. However, along with all these new elements will come the welcome return of a classic one. According to Bloody Disgusting, the original Ghostface mask will make its TV debut in season 3, as confirmed by MTV.

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With the original Ghostface mask being brought back though, the question now becomes just who will end up being the one wearing it when Scream season 3's murder mystery comes to a close. The cast members this time out - a.k.a. the potential suspects - include Keke Palmer (Scream Queens), RJ Cyler (Power Rangers), Giorgia Whigham (13 Reasons Why), Jessica Sula (Split), rapper Tyga (Dope), C.J. Wallace (Notorious), and Giullian Yao Gioiello (The Carrie Diaries).

Production on Scream's 6-episode season 3 is currently underway in Atlanta. MTV plans to air the season as a three-night TV event in March 2018, but the network has yet to reveal a specific premiere date. Here's hoping this attempt at rebooting the small screen version of Scream goes over better than most theatrical attempts at horror reboots.

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Scream season 3 premieres on MTV in March 2018.

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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