Depending on who you ask, the growing trend of bringing classic horror films to television results in some pretty strong opinions. While the arrival last fall of Starz’ Ash vs. Evil Dead was met with general enthusiasm, many horror fans have scoffed at the idea of Fox’s upcoming The Exorcist series – just as some critics and fans weren’t particularly impressed with season 1 of MTV’s Scream TV series.

As a franchise, the four Scream films have provided fans of the slasher sub-genre with ample thrills and jump scares. The late Wes Craven’s horror creation had taken on a life of its own since the release of 1996’s Scream and as such, no Scream fan wanted to see the Ghostface killer brought to the small screen with anything less than the gusto and intensity that was its trademark.

Scream Season 1 Killer Revealed Scream Season 2 Gets A May Premiere Date; New Cast Members Revealed

Whether or not season one of MTV’s Scream series succeeded in that endeavour is a matter of opinion, but the network must have done something right, as MTV has now announced that season 2 of Scream will premiere on Tuesday, May 31st. What’s more, this season will feature some new cast members – as a number of Scream’s original characters met with rather untimely demises last summer.

Among the new cast members are Kiana Lede, who will play Zoe, Austin Highsmith (Gangster Squad) as Karen Lang, Karina Logue (Bates Motel) as Tina Hudson, Sam Grandillo as Eli, Anthony Ruivivar (American Horror Story) as Sheriff Michael Acosta and Santiago Segura (Silicon Valley) as his son, Gustavo. Scream season 2 will pick up several months after the bloody events of season 1, with Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) returning to Lakewood after having spent some time away at a retreat – ostensibly in an bid to heal from the horrific ordeals she faced as a result of the (now deceased) Ghostface killer. Unfortunately for her, this story hasn’t finished yet and a new killer hits the scene, meaning Emma and returning players Noah (John Karna), Brooke (Carlson Young) and Jake (Tom Maden) will have their work cut out for them. Aubrey (Bex-Taylor Klaus) will also be back this season, but whether as friend or foe remains to be seen.

Scream Series 2 Scream Season 2 Gets A May Premiere Date; New Cast Members Revealed

Scream’s place as a TV series caught a lot of fans off guard. For starters, changing the Ghostkiller’s mask wasn’t a popular move and hopes for a continuous horror saga were thwarted somewhat by what often felt like a sappy teen soap opera (with the occasional blood-bath thrown in for good measure).

Still, for all its made for TV faults, Scream’s first season brought with it a strength that was arguably lacking in the last three Scream films. Many will insist that nothing will ever top the original Scream film, but Scream season 1 did a great job at keeping the who’s-the-killer guessing game going and the jump scares enjoyable. Hopefully season 2 will keep this momentum up and maybe even add something new to the different, but fun, slasher mix.

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Scream season 2 will premiere on MTV at 10/9c on Tuesday, May 31st, 2016.

Source: MTV

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