'Scream Queens' Trailer is Funny in All its Bloody Glory

After months of teasing with bubble-gum and cryptic 15-second spots, Fox has finally unveiled the first official trailer for its upcoming horror/comedy/anthology series, Scream Queens, set to debut this fall.

Created by Ryan “American Horror Story” Murphy, the first season of Scream Queens stars Jamie Lee Curtis, Emma Roberts, Lea Michele and Abigail Breslin in a plot centered around “a 1995 sorority pledge gone wrong, [that now sees] someone out for vengeance when a college campus is rattled by a series of murders at the twentieth anniversary of the crime.

While this spot only contains a fraction of what journalists were given access to on the day of Fox’s upfront presentation earlier this week (there was a lot more blood and death in that version), it certainly does feature the one key element that’s going to sell this show in a major way, come fall: humor.

Scream Queens is the closest anyone’s ever come to replicating Scream since the Wes Craven original hit theaters in 1996. Not even the franchise’s own sequels have lived up to the original as well as this new Fox series seems to be.

During the show’s rollout on Monday, Fox executives went on record as saying that, in true horror movie fashion, one character would be killed off every episode until the season finale - at which point the killer will (hopefully) be revealed. Also, since the show will operate with an anthology format like American Horror Story, it’s not out of the realm of possibility to see any of these actors return for a potential second season, should it be ordered (though that particular fact concerning casting is not confirmed at this time).

Essentially, when it comes to format and expectation, imagine Scream Queens is like American Horror Story, only with a lot of humor thrown into the mix. As for gore, there doesn’t seem to be much difference at all between this show and its FX cousin.

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Concerning its biggest shows for the upcoming season, there’s a lot of warranted hype and power being thrown behind Scream Queens. The show looks hilarious and just what the network is in need of: a fun genre show to get audiences talking the way they did for the soap-opera that was Empire this past spring. In many ways, Scream Queens and Empire are going to make for a really exciting one-two punch on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, much like The Flash and Arrow currently do on The CW.

Scream Queens airs Tuesdays at 9pm this fall on Fox.

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