'Scream Queens' Teaser: Ryan Murphy Brings Slasher Horror to TV

Scream Queens teaser released

With Glee on its way out, Fox is doing everything in its power to keep its creator, Ryan Murphy, in the network’s talent pool. So of course it’s no surprise they’re planning a new series with the writer in the form of his new anthology horror show, Scream Queens.

While there’s been a lot of talk recently concerning casting, Fox seemingly wanted to increase buzz for the new program, so today it unveiled the first teaser for the show, set to debut this fall.

Certainly if there was ever a way to announce to the world, “I’m coming,” this teaser definitely packs a punch. It may be short, but it’s highly graphic and impactful. In addition, it really harkens back to the classic days of Hollywood’s obsession with slasher flicks during the '70s and '80s, which seems to be an area Murphy’s been obsessed with exploring since the beginning of American Horror Story.

In addition to the trailer, Variety has confirmed that the first season of the new series has found its latest cast member in the form of The Duff’s Skyler Samuels. The actress will join already confirmed cast members Lea Michele, Jamie Lee Curtis, Emma Roberts, Joe Manganiello, Abigail Breslin, and Keke Palmer as a series regular - with Nick Jonas and Ariana Grande currently set for guest roles.

Scream Queens teaser released

As per usual, Murphy’s one-off format has enabled him to cast actors of varying notoriety because none of them will be locked down for long-term assignment. They’ll be able to come in, do their thing and leave with enough time in the year to tack a stab at another project, be it a film or other television series.

For the uninitiated, the first season of Scream Queens will, according to Fox, revolve around “a college campus which is rocked by a series of murders.” For this story, the network has placed a 15-episode order that, in theory, would run without break similar to its other horror based Kevin Bacon franchise, The Following. In fact, it’s entirely possible Fox would use the 15 week run of Scream Queens to warm up a time-slot for The Following to return in during mid-season.

Scream Queens will mark Murphy’s third confirmed anthology series along with the already running American Horror Story and upcoming American Crime Story on FX (the first season of which will involve the O.J. Simpsons trial). Needless to say, the man is going to be busy for the next year.

Scream Queens debuts this fall on Fox.

Source: Fox

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