Scream Queens Extended Main Titles Sequence: Prepare To Scream

MTV has now wrapped up the first season of its small screen adaptation of the 1990s tongue-in-cheek horror franchise, Scream. However, while that series is the actual adaptation of the property, there are some that argue the series didn’t really capture the spirit of the 1996 film (for case in point, read our Scream season one finale review).

Enter Glee and American Horror Story co-creator Ryan Murphy, who is going to be bringing his talents to Fox in the form of Scream Queens - an anthology series that will blend horror with dark comedy, along the lines of what the original Scream movie did. The extended cut of the show’s opening titles sequence can be watched above... though, it perhaps leaves something more to be craved.

If the tone of show is anywhere near that of these opening credits, then Scream Queens might actually be the spiritual TV successor to Scream that MTV’s version (arguably) hasn't been. The basic cable drama has lacked a lot of the things that made the Scream films so interesting, such as campy humor and over-the-top self-awareness. Sadly, MTV’s series mistook snappy dialogue for humoristic self-awareness… and this is what Scream Queens appears to be getting right.

Scream Queens extended main titles sequence

Everything in these opening titles feels over-the-top in the right ways, while also paying tribute to some classic horror moments (bathtub anybody?). These, along with the trailers that have been coming out over the summer, make Scream Queens feel like a refreshing take on the horror genre in television – something that American Horror Story was at first, before falling down the rabbit hole of insanity (like it did with Freak Show). But, more importantly, something that Scream Queens seems to have above its competition most of all is a sense of fun.

It wasn’t long before MTV’s Scream stopped being fun and started trying to be, as its pilot puts things, like Friday Night Lights. The essence of the original Scream wasn’t Friday Night Lights, and this is something Scream Queens seems to realize. Pulling off dramatic tension with something being played for seriousness is one thing… pulling it off with something trying to play up camp? Well, that takes a special kind of skill set, and it’s one that the late Wes Craven mastered beautifully. Here’s hoping that Mr. Murphy can do the same with his new TV show.

Scream Queens will premiere on September 22nd, 2015 on Fox.

Source: Ryan Murphy

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