Blumhouse Shoots Down Rumors It’s Rebooting Scream

Blumhouse Productions shoots down an internet rumor saying it's planning a reboot of Wes Craven's Scream. Craven of course helped fuel the rise of the slasher film with his 1984 classic A Nightmare On Elm Street, the movie that introduced all-time-great horror movie villain Freddy Krueger to audiences. In 1996 after the slasher genre had long-since played itself out, Craven came back for Scream, a sly, self-aware Kevin Williamson-penned take on familiar horror tropes that actually helped fuel a renaissance of the very genre it deconstructed.

Like many a slasher film before it, Scream launched an entire string of sequels, with the last installment Scream 4 coming in 2011 (it was actually the final movie for Craven, who passed away in 2015). Then in 2015, Scream made its way to the small screen for an MTV series that continues to this day, with a third season debuting earlier in 2019. Given the on-going popularity of the MTV show, it's clear Scream is a brand that still has value, a fact that is not lost on Blumhouse Productions chief Jason Blum who earlier this year said the studio has discussed making a new installment of the horror franchise.

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Though Blum has certainly talked publicly about bringing back Scream, no plans have officially been put into motion as far as anyone knows. However, a rumor recently made its way to the internet claiming a reboot of Scream is in fact "moving forward" at Blumhouse. This report came as news to Blumhouse VP of Feature Film Development Ryan Turek who took to Twitter to shoot down the rumor in blunt fashion. See Turek's tweet in the space below:

The site that originally reported the rumor, We Got This Covered, is of course well-known for spreading reports that turn out to be false and therefore is not considered a reliable source. Their Scream reboot story certainly seems to be another case of their going forward with a bad piece of information, as Turek wasted no time in debunking the story. But, with no larger context to Turek's denial, it's impossible to know if in fact there are no plans at all for a Scream reboot at Blumhouse, or if there are plans but for some reason they are not moving forward. Turek's tweet certainly makes it seem that he and Blumhouse want to do something with Scream, but perhaps have not been able to set things in motion for some reason.

Blumhouse is indeed already firmly in the reboot business, as they had plenty of success with their Halloween in 2018, and have also put reboots of The Craft and Black Christmas in motion alongside their planned Halloween sequels. That being the case, despite this Scream reboot rumor being decisively shut down, it would not be a surprise if Blumhouse ultimately does bring Ghostface Killer and company back to the big screen, either in a reboot or just a straight sequel to Scream 4. And if there's any company out there that can be trusted to do right by Scream, it's definitely the horror-fueled Blumhouse.

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Source: Ryan Turek

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