Scream 4 Set Pics & the Voice of Ghostface Returns

Scream 4 ghostface

Wes Craven's Scream 4 just signed another key cast member - Roger Jackson.

Alright, so Jackson might not be one of the film's most buzz-worthy names but he does have an iconic role in the Scream franchise - he's the creepy telephone voice of Ghostface.

Wednesday's Korner recently spoke with Jackson, who was certainly excited to get behind the mic once again for Scream 4 to terrorize Sidney Prescott and company - and subsequently audiences around the country:

"It's a lot of fun, I love the work! It's going to be a great horror sequel."

Though Jackson is best known for his work on the Scream films, he's also performed voice work in a number of other familiar projects including Mars Attacks! and The Powerpuff Girls Movie as well as numerous video game and TV roles.

It's great to see Craven has made sure to incorporate a lot of nods to the previous trilogy - not simply rebooting the franchise. Jackson's voice definitely played a part in upping a number of tense moments in the original films.

In case you've forgotten the Ghostface voice, here's a little reminder (not to mention a solid dose of nostalgia):


In addition to Jackson's return, we've also got a few set pics of Emma Roberts and Hayden Panettiere from the shoot in Deaborn, Michigan.

For the full spread, including more pics of the actual Woodsboro High School set, check out On Location Vacations.

Looks like recent news of Panettiere's frustration with Ehren Kruger's revisions to the Scream 4 script might have been over-exaggerated - she still looks relatively happy in the off-screen shot. I guess we'll know for sure when we see the final product - will Kirby Reed turn out to be a ditz or the intelligent horror geek Panettiere signed-up for?

Does the return of Roger Jackson voicing Ghostface get you a bit more excited for Scream 4? Cautiously optimistic?

Scream 4 is scheduled for a April 15, 2011 release.

Source: Wednesday's Korner (via Shock Til You Drop) and On Location Vacations

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