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Dylan Dog: Dead of Night

Tiziano Sclavi's popular comic book creation, Dylan Dog, makes his jump to the big screen in the upcoming Dylan Dog: Dead of Night. Superman Returns' Brandon Routh headlines the film as Mr. Dog, a human private eye who maintains the peace between the werewolf, vampire and zombie residents of New Orleans.

A new Dylan Dog: Dead of Night trailer was released this past week and it's heavy on the expository voiceover narration, one-liners, supernatural monster-themed jokes, CGI beasties - and it even has a quick shot of a shirtless Routh for all his fans out there. If this new theatrical preview is any indicator of what screenwriters Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer (Conan the Barbarian), as well as TMNT filmmaker Kevin Munroe, have in store for us, the results look to be, well, less than impressive.

On the other hand, the mashup of Noir and supernatural horror genre conventions in Dylan Dog could be fun and the final product may be more clever than this preview suggests. Plus, the movie features Broadway star Taye Diggs finally getting to play a smooth customer for the first time since Chicago - and that's something to be cheerful about.

Check out the latest Dylan Dog: Dead of Night trailer (via Apple) and movie poster below:


Dylan Dog Dead of Night movie poster


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