'Scream 4' Is Happening

Yes, you really did read the title correctly. Scream 4 is a reality at Dimension Films. It looks like the Weinsteins really need the cash.

In July Dimension films announced that they would be "restarting" the horror franchise, however Bloody Disgusting has a few more details on the film and it would appear that some of the old crew may be returning in front of (and behind) the camera.

Original writer Kevin "Dawson's Creek" Williamson will be writing the first draft of the script. Time and quality will dictate if this becomes the shooting draft.

There is a pretty good chance that helmer Wes Craven will return to bark orders into the megaphone once again. I'm guessing it beats standing on the sidelines while others rake through your old movies - and directing Cursed!

The studio is also putting out offers for original stars Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox and David Arquette to return. Their acceptance will obviously depend on their schedules and the amount of money offered.  So expect them to return - well it's not like they're doing much these days.

Dimension hopes that this will be a restart for the franchise and all the major characters will be younger than the now forty something cast of the original.

The original Scream was released in 1996 and it was followed by two sequels and a host of imitators giving horror a self-referential spin before "torture porn" took the genre in a gorier direction. The original title of the film was Scary Movie, but it was changed when the studio thought that it was a terrible title for a film. The title Scream was used because the killer in the films wears a mask which resembles the character in the famous Edvard Munch painting. The title Scary Movie was then used for Dimesnion films Scream spoof series Scary Movie. True horror indeed.

There's a pretty good chance that this could be fast-tracked for Halloween. Now there's a scary thought!

More details on Scream 4 when we get them.

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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