Three New Victims Join 'Scream 4'; Lauren Graham Out?

Like it or not, another Scream film is on the way. The cast of Scream 4 (or Scre4m as the teaser posters title it) has continued to steadily grow over the past weeks, occasionally losing actors on the way.

So far the fresh blood includes Emma Roberts (Wild Child), Hayden Panettiere (Heroes), Rory Culkin (Signs) and Nico Tortorella (Make It or Break It). Some familiar faces from the first three Scream films are also returning, including Courtney Cox, David Arquette and Neve Campbell.

However, the cast list doesn't stop there as Heat Vision Blog is reporting three more Scre4m casting additions: Adam Brody (The O.C.), Marley Shelton (Grindhouse) and Erik Knudsen (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World).

Brody will play, "a cop recently graduated from college who was raised on the “CSI” TV series"; Shelton will play, "a deputy who knew Campbell’s character in high school" (replacing Lake Bell who recently dropped out due to scheduling conflicts); and Knudsen will, "have a role similar to the one played by Jamie Kennedy in the first two installments, a character who is familiar with horror movie conventions and a provider of comic relief."

I'm particularly excited that the film will once again have a character like Kennedy's, who pokes fun at the conventions and clichés of the horror genre (which are all the more clichéd nowadays). Knudsen's casting negates previous rumors that Kennedy would be resurrected for the fourth film.

Jamie Kennedy in Scream

On another casting note, it's being rumored by Ghouls on Film that the previously cast Lauren Graham may drop out of Scream 4 due to a, "date conflict and script changes." Graham was set to portray the mother of Roberts' character, Jill Kessler. Stay tuned to find out if this rumor is true or not.

One of the major aspects of a Scream movie is the twist of who the killer is under that ghostly mask. For Scream 4, Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson (both returning after working on all three previous films) are apparently being so secretive about who the killer is that they're not even sending scripts out to agencies. They even went so far as to ask the actors at a table read to stop reading at the 75-page mark to prevent them from knowing the ending of the film.

With how fast info gets passed around the Net these days, I'll be very impressed if they manage to keep the killer's identity a secret up until the film's release.

Scream 4 Poster

I'm one of those people who actually doesn't mind that they're making another Scream movie. I remember really liking the first one (I actually haven't rewatched it in years but fully plan to soon), but I honestly can't remember much about the second or third. The reason it doesn't bother me that they're making another is probably due to the fact that it's the fourth film and not an actual reboot or remake, per se (though early rumors that old cast will "pass the torch" to the new cast does hint at a unofficial reboot).

What do you think of the cast that's been assembled so far for Scream 4? Are you upset, happy or indifferent to the fact they're making another Scream?

Scream 4 begins shooting this week in Michigan and slashes its way into theaters on April 15th, 2011.

Sources: Heat Vision Blog and Ghouls on Film

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