Scream 3's Jay & Silent Bob Cameo Wasn’t The Two Franchises’ First Crossover

Jay and Silent Bob with Ghostface from Scream

Jay and Silent Bob made an appearance in Scream 3, but what's the story behind the crossover cameo? The fictional characters portrayed by Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith first appeared in the 1994 comedy Clerks. Since then, the duo has appeared in a number of films, TV shows, and guest roles.

Smith is the mind behind the "View Askewniverse" franchise which features regular appearances by Jay and Silent Bob. Jay (Mewes) is known for his foul mouth whereas Silent Bob (Smith) is true to his name in that he rarely speaks. The pair are often shown loitering either in front of the convenience store Quick Stop, the mall, or the video store. The eccentric pair will soon reunite for the upcoming movie, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. They will also reportedly appear in Smith's horror comedy Moose Jaws. But that won't be Jay and Silent Bob's first foray into horror.

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Jay and Silent Bob appeared in a quick scene during Scream 3 in 2000. In the cameo appearance, Jay and Silent Bob were visiting Sunrise Studios. They run into Gale Weathers (Courtney Cox) who was busy investigating more details into the life of Maureen Prescott and mistake her for the TV reporter Connie Chung. The short cameo led viewers to believe that Jay and Silent Bob existed in the Scream universe, although that wasn't the first time the Clerks stars appeared in the horror franchise.

Jay and Silent Bob

In the first Scream movie (released in 1996), a VHS copy of 1994's Clerks can be seen in Stu's house. In 2001's Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Smith repaid the cameo favor and have Wes Craven make an appearance as the director of the fictitious version of Scream 4 (Craven would later go on to make an actual Scream 4 a decade later). As a further callback to the Jay and Silent Bob cameo, Smith included a copy of Scream 3 in a scene during his 2004 film Jersey Girl.

Smith has since shed light on the notorious Scream 3 cameo. Due to the popularity of the characters, Smith and Mewes were asked to make a brief cameo at the request of Bob Weinstein. Once they heard that money would be involved, it became an offer they couldn't refuse. They worked on set for one day but they claimed to be very excited about their payment, which included an official Scream 3 shirt.

The crossover does imply that Jay and Silent Bob exist in the Scream universe but it's more likely that it was simply just a fun cameo meant to entertain fans of both franchises. Rather than looking too far into the details of the appearance, it's best to just consider their scene as a well-timed cameo based on their growing popularity during the time of Scream 3's release.

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