'Scott Pilgrim vs. The World' Official Teaser Poster [Updated]

[Update: The "official" version of the poster is here]

Universal has been a little, shall we say, withholding when it comes to Edgar Wright's highly-anticipated film adaptation of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Fans of both the director and the comic have been clamoring for any sort of promotional materials or endeavor on the studio's part.

Other than Wright's own video diaries and stills, there has been not a teaser, not a trailer, not a convention presence to be found - at least until Coming Soon found an official Scott Pilgrim teaser poster.

Reactions have been mixed so far in forums and comment sections where the poster is going up. It seems those who have read the graphic novels or believe in the immutable power of the Wright think the teaser poster does what it should- tease (perhaps even tantalize or dare I say it- titillate?).  Others find it boring or at least uninspiring, and feel that it is misleading with regard to the plot of the film.

Given the narrative importance of Scott's involvement with his band (Sex Bob-omb) - and the extremely cool picture of the battle of the bands scene on the Scott Pilgrim vs. The World official site, I'd say the poster is relevant. But then, I also just like the aesthetic and the tag line.

Update: Here's the official poster:

Thanks again to Coming Soon for the early look at this.

Hopefully, the response to this poster appearing online will prompt Universal to step up their efforts, considering they now only have four months in which to promote the movie. With Wondercon around the corner and the epic San Diego Comic Con looming a scant three weeks before Scott Pilgrim vs. The World opens in theaters, now would really be the time.

The cover art for the graphic novels (especially volume 5) and promotional flyers and posters from the comic's release provide dynamic templates for great teasers. The first poster released for the film - an illustration of the entire cast of characters recreated with the live actors - would be guaranteed to become one of the more coveted grabs at upcoming conventions. I'm just sayin' they've got options.

Personally, for a first glimpse, I can't say this poster gets me all worked up. It's the only teaser we've been given and it is some very gentle teasing. Truth be told, it's more the fact that the poster exists at all after the frustrating lack of virtually any promo materials that thrills me. Although, as stated, I do like the tag line. "Epic" is, after all, my favorite four letter word.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World opens August 13, 2010.

Source: Coming Soon

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