What Scott Eastwood Could Look Like as Wolverine (Minus the Costume)

Digital artist BossLogic has released another image imaging what actor Scott Eastwood could look like as Wolverine. Fans were initially skeptical about Hugh Jackman's casting as Wolverine in the original X-Men, thanks to the changes made to the character's famous costume, and the actor being a good foot taller than Logan in the comics. Jackman's performance soon converted the naysayers, and he went on to play the role a further eight times.

Jackman decided to call it a day with Logan, which provided a definitive ending for his take on the character. The R-rated tale was a darker, more mature spin on the series, and received rare reviews; it even earned an Oscar nod of Best Adapted Screenplay. With Jackman retiring that leaves the coveted role up for grabs, but after Jackman's iconic run it seems likely the studio will wait a few years before recasting the character.

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That hasn't stopped a few actors throwing their names out, with Pacific Rim: Uprising costar Scott Eastwood recently telling Screen Rant he'd be "totally down" for playing the role. Digital artist BossLogic wasted no time imagining what Eastwood would look like in Wolverine's original outfit, and now he's released a new image to his Twitter profile showing what Eastwood's Wolverine would look like minus the costume.

On the surface, Eastwood seems like a strong candidate for the role. After supporting turns in The Fate of the Furious and Suicide Squad he seems primed for a breakout role, he's got charismatic looks, and Jackman even said his Wolverine turn was heavily inspired by Clint Eastwood. That said, the X-Men series is focused on spinoffs like New Mutants for the time being, so Wolverine may not reappear for at least a few years. The Walking Dead star Tom Payne has also expressed interest in the role, feeling his smaller height is better suited to a comic accurate adaption.

There's also the slim possibility Jackman could be lured back for one more turn. Sebastian Stan recently implied Jackman was speaking with Marvel about a possible appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This was an impossibility before, but thanks to the Disney/Fox merger, there's now a chance the X-Men and Fantastic Four can play with The Avengers.

While Jackman has previously said he would love to appear in a MCU movie, given the level of acclaim he received for Logan, he will likely stick to his plan and leave Wolverine for another actor to take on. Who that actor will be, of course, remains to be seen for now.

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Source: BossLogic

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