Scott Disick’s Pink Room Makeover for Daughter Cost $20,000

Scott Disick Flip it like Disick

Scott Disick transforms his 7-year-old daughter, Penelope's room into a princess pink room that costs over $20,000. The Flip it like Disick star went all-out to make his little girl happy.

Fans know Disick from Keeping Up with the Kardashians after being longtime boyfriend to Kourtney Kardashian, together the pair have three children over the course of their nine-year-long relationship, 9-year-old Mason Disick, 7-year-old Penelope Disick, and 4-year-old Reign Disick. The two parents have been co-parenting since their split in 2015 and are doing an amazing job putting their difference aside, as they're even seen taking family vacations together. The reality TV star has gone on to create his own empire with house flipping on his TV show Flip it like Disick. The show gives an inside look at Disick life, as he tackles high-end home flipping and remodeling. His clients usually celebrities, such as Steve Aoki and French Montana, but sometimes Disick does renovations to his own home. In a recent episode, he led the renovating team at his house where he made a $100,000 playhouse for his three children.

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The high-end renovations don't stop there - on the latest episode of Flip it like Disick (via Us), he tackled renovating his eldest daughter's room. He gushed over his 7-year-old daughter, saying, "The most special girl in the world to me is my little daughter, Penelope." He explained that due to co-parenting with Kardashian, the children have two rooms and he wanted his kids to feel as comfortable as possible in their dad's house. He explained on Sunday night's episode, "Because she goes back and forth to her mom Kourtney [Kardashian]’s house, because we coparent, I want Penelope to be as comfortable at my house as she is at her mom’s. And I want her room at her dad’s to be perfect." Penelope, however, had a very specific vision of what that perfect bedroom would look like.

Penelope Disick and Scott Disick Keeping Up with the Kardashians

While describing her perfect space, she said she wanted an all-pink room, but that didn't sit well with Disick, he explained, "My house definitely has a certain vibe and that’s not pink." He said he's hoped they could go for something a little more "timeless," like the color grey, hoping "she’ll grow into it." Penelope persisted and said her dream room would be with "pink walls," "slime pit" and a "mirrored ceiling." Disick compromised and gave into the pink. He explained how it was all worth it, the pink wall and $20,000 later, he said, "The look on P’s face when she saw that all-pink room was, honestly, priceless." The family man explained that "those are the things that I really, really do enjoy in life now."

It seems that Penelope's room renovation wasa success and now fans will see if he decides to renovate Mason and Reign's rooms as well. Fans can watch more of Disick leads renovations on Flip it like Disickwhere he will be taking on some of the biggest and most high-end renovations TV's ever seen. It seems like Disick really found his calling - flipping houses and being a dad.

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Flip it like Disick airs Sundays at 10pm EST on E!.

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