Scott Derrickson Excited for Doctor Strange & Rocket Raccoon to Meet

Benedict Cumberbatch in Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange was another successful addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe purely in terms of box office figures, despite having courted controversy with its casting choices before actually hitting theaters. The film was generally well-received too, but fans of the MCU are now looking forward to the future - not only the future of Dr. Stephen Strange himself (Benedict Cumberbatch), but this year's new MCU movie releases (such as Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2) and beyond to other Marvel movies coming out in 2018.

Cumberbatch has already confirmed that he will be stepping into the role of Doctor Strange again when the Russo Brothers' Avengers: Infinity War movie hits the big screen next year. That means that audiences will get to see him alongside a whole cast of supporting characters from other movies that have been released as part of the MCU to date. Naturally, many fans are most excited to see the MCU's weirdest characters cross paths with one another on the big screen in Infinity War - and so are certain Marvel movie directors, at that.

Speaking to Comic Book about his excitement for Strange’s appearance in Infinity War, Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson revealed who he can’t wait to see interact with his movie’s titular character:

“Oh, gosh. When I’ve been asked this in the past, honestly when I think about it I always think about… I’ll just be frank: I always think about Rocket and Doctor Strange encountering each other. They’re both sort of arrogant and verbose, always-in-the-right kind of guys and I think they would drive each other crazy in the best way.”

Rocket Raccoon and Doctor Strange

Though it seems plausible that both Stephen Strange and Rocket Raccoon will be coming together on the big screen in Infinity War, exactly how, where and for how long remains up in the air. There’s every chance the pair could be at odds with one another (should they cross paths), but seeing them team up is certainly the more attractive option. When heroes of different shapes, sizes and even species have to fight alongside one another and work together, there’s always the chance for some fun fireworks and compelling scenes.

The challenge of bringing together so many now-famous Marvel characters Infinity War is going to be quite the challenge, but a rewarding one if handled right. There are so many combinations of characters that could come together and provide memorable and charismatic scenes in the next Avengers movie, those working behind the scenes on the film have (too) many options to choose from. In fact, there's every chance that having so many options to pic from could prove to be too big of a challenge. If the crew behind Infinity War are too focused on giving every character their shining moment, they might forget to check all the boxes necessary to create a satisfying story at the same time.

Finding that balance is going to be difficult, but if there’s a team that we know can pull it off, it's arguably the directors (and writers) behind both Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Civil War. That said: we too are excited by the idea of Doctor Strange and Rocket Raccoon having to work together, in some manner or another.

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Source: Comic Book

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