HBO Orders Martin Scorsese/Mick Jagger Rock 'N Roll Project to Series

Few filmmakers have maintained their vitality so well as Martin Scorsese. Even at 72, Scorsese is still capable of making movies with the energy of a young man; last year's The Wolf of Wall Street proved his spark burns still, and his ever-burgeoning slate is a constant reminder of his sense of industry. Whether making documentaries (The 50 Year Argument), adapting novels for the big screen (Silence), or  dabbling in television (Boardwalk Empire), the man just has no mercy.

Neither does Mick Jagger, legendary front man of The Rolling Stone. Back in 2011, Jagger decided to take a run at TV himself with a show about the birth of the punk rock scene in 1970s New York City; he called on the talent and experience of not only Scorsese, but Scorsese's Boardwalk Empire and The Wolf of Wall Street conspirator Terence Winter as well, hoping to land the series with the folks at HBO. That's an unexpected but winning combination.

In the intervening years, little and less has been heard about the fruits of their collaboration. But HBO must have liked what the trio came up with, because the premium cable network has put in a series order for their show (which to date remains untitled). If that's not enough, according to The Wrap Jagger, Scorsese, and Winter even have their leads lined up: Boardwalk Empire alum Bobby Cannavale (confirming earlier reports about his candidacy for the role) and Olivia Wilde.

Cannavale will play record company czar Richie Finestra, a man with a knack for sniffing out talent who's dealing with a major personal crisis; Wilde will play his wife, former model Devon, who responds to the strain in Richie's life by slowly returning to her old lifestyle. What kind of crisis will Richie contend with? Could be any number of things, given that he live in an era characterized by sex, drugs, economic repression, youth angst, and overarching social unrest; maybe it's something as mundane as addiction, or maybe he's living a dual life a'la Mad Men's Don Draper.

Whatever travails Richie endures, we know for sure that Scorsese and Jagger will serve as executive producers; Winter will, too, but he'll also be the showrunner for the series. Also certain: everything about this sounds like it fits right into Marty's milieu as a storyteller. Think The Wolf of Wall Street, but with grungier clothing and grimier hair.

The early to mid 70s in New York were ground zero for punk rock's aural development. Clubs like CBGBs gave the culture a stage, while acts like Suicide, Television, Patti Smith, and The Ramones (whose story Scorsese may yet tell in a separate biopic) created a sound that influenced punk bands from the West Coast (The Dead Kennedys, Black Flag) to even the UK (The Sex Pistols, The Clash).

Knowing Jagger, the show will probably go into considerable depth on punk's musical evolution, while Scorsese himself will likely be more fascinated by how the genre's history shapes - and is shaped by - New York itself. (It's also safe to assume they'll both color the story with drug-addled volatility.)

We'll keep you posted on updates about Jagger, Scorsese, and Winter's new show (including, its official title) as they become available.

Source: The Wrap

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