Scorpion: 10 Worst Episodes (According To IMDb)

Scorpion definitely had some episodes that failed to launch, and according to IMDb, these are the worst of the worst.

For fans of Scorpion, the cancellation of their show was a huge blow that some have yet to recover from. When Season 4 ended, it left huge holes that only a 5th season could answer. A few of the questions we were left with were will Paige Dineen and Walter O'Brien get back together? Did Walter and Florence begin a new relationship? It's a shame we will never get answers to that.

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Through the first four seasons, we became engulfed in the lives of a group of robot thinking men and women. With each episode, it felt as if we were right in the trenches with them on their missions. Earlier, we did the 10 best episodes of Scorpion and in this article, we'll take a look at the 10 worst episodes according to IMDb.

10 More Civil War (Season 3, Episode 2) Rating 7.4

This is the 2nd part of a two-hour Season 3 premiere. The gang is dealing with personal issues within the group and no one appears to be on the same page. Toby and Happy are at each other's throats as Happy is still hiding her feelings. Walter, Paige, and Tim are doing their best to ignore their own elephant as well.

Someone has taken control of missiles and the team must foil their attempt to not start a war. Sly is caught in a deadly card game with mobsters while the rest of the team is on the ground stuck on a ship. Personal feelings are put to the side for the greater good of the mission.

9 Extinction (Season 4, Episode 1) Rating 7.4

The team needs help and there is only ONE person with the intellect to offer that. Yup, you guessed it, time to bring in Mark Collins. All Collins does this episode is cause trouble. This is the same guy who kidnapped Toby and then he "accidentally" knocks Toby into the Arctic Ocean.

Collins is stirring up more issues between the newly formed couple of Walter and Paige (can we just live in their happiness?). The team has to stop the methane from blowing up and Cabe risks his life to make sure that doesn't happen. After the mission, Cabe takes Collins back to prison.

8 Risky Business (Season 1, Episode 8) Rating 7.4

Walter is trying to block Paige out of his mind, once again as Ralph's father is back in the picture. Of course, he wants to get to know his son while taking a swing at a second chance with Paige. Walter is not happy about it either but has yet to speak his mind. Their mission this week is to stop the maker of an algorithm that creates hit music.

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Maybe this was a great episode to have Katherine McPhee use her vocal cords but all in all, this is easily one of the worst episodes for Scorpion. It seems like everything in "Risky Business" was forced.

7 Single Point of Failure (Season 1, Episode 2) Rating 7.4

Bio-hacking is a thing and if you didn't know, Scorpion is here to remind you with "Single Point of Failure". While still a new show, the writers are doing their best to force characters down our throats with flashbacks and stilted conversations. Walter is trying to connect to Ralph and we're introduced to Megan, Walter's sister.

The team has to find out who targeted the Governor's daughter with a virus to break down her immune system. Eventually, they get to the bottom of things. However, an episode like this left fans wondering if Scorpion would make it past its first season.

6 A Cyclone (Season 1, Episode 3) Rating 7.4

In the early stages, it seems like the writers didn't know what they were doing with the storylines. This episode started off harmless but made little sense as Team Scorpion was off in the desert doing some sort of basic training.

The team has been put on punishment by one of the new higher-ups but that means absolutely nothing to them. Their job has been to save the world and that's what they're going to do. The entire city of LA's power is out due to a missile crisis and the team ignores proper protocol to stop the attack and get the power back.

5 A Lie In The Sand (Season 4, Episode 22) Rating 7.3

This is where it gets interesting. Walter tells a white lie to Paige about a conference and everyone is up in arms about that. Well, in his defense, everyone's been saying he needs to be more human, right? However, this episode takes an ugly turn as Florence puts her two cents into the strange dynamic that is Walter and Paige's relationship.

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Viewers have seen this coming since Florence stepped in the garage. It was just a matter of time. Well, Walter and Paige break up but that also separates the team. As Season 4 ends, it appears that Season 5 was going to be explosive with Paige and her team on one side and Walter and his team on the other. Nope.

4 Father's Day (Season 1, Episode 7) Rating 7.3

Ralph's dad is back and that knocks Walter a bit off his game as his emotions are getting the best of him. With Drew's presence, Walter starts to think about the failures he's encountered as far as father figures go. The issues go as far back to his own father down to Cabe.

As for the mission, the whole Russian crime syndicate just never fit in with this type of show.  One of the reasons IMDb has this on their list. "Father's Day" was not about the gangsters. It was to show that even the smartest people have their own demons they must conquer.

3 Plutonium is Forever (Season 1, Episode 5) Rating 7.3

Here come ex-team member and friend, Mark Collins. Just off appearance, we could tell that he's jealous of everyone on the team. His history with them goes a way back but now that Walter and Team Scorpion have added three new members, he's really out to sabotage everything. The problem for Walter is, Collins knows just what buttons to push and the precise moment to do it.

With Cabe trapped in a nuclear plant, Collins is questioning Walter's motives to do whatever he can to save Cabe. For a moment, Walter thinks about his actions. However, he's not the same guy he was before Collins went away. Walter is showing growth. Seems like we haven't seen the last of this rivalry.

2 Cuba Libre (Season 2, Episode 2) Rating 7.1

In "Cuba Libre", Team Scorpion become Navy Seals? Breaking onto a nuclear plant is one thing, but jumping out of airplanes and sneaking into Cuba against the government's wishes is not why fans tune in every week. However, here we are hoping that our favorite nerds can do the impossible.

Back at home, Walter asked Paige for advice concerning logic and emotion and when Walter does admit he was wrong for driving the car off the cliff, that's when we get our first glance at a guy who will become the newest member of Team Scorpion-- Ray.

1 Once Bitten, Twice Die (Season 1, Episode 18) Rating 7.1

Walter is dealing with the fact that Paige is back in school and for some selfish reason, he does not agree. Paige is learning that it's hard being around these types of busy minds daily and not being able to see through their efforts. While Walter is dealing with this, the team has a new mission that involves poisonous snakes. In one of the strangest scenes in Scorpion history, Walter literally takes one for the team.

In the end, Paige and Walter come to some sort of agreement concerning her studies. And yet, there is still that big secret that Cabe is hiding concerning what really went down in Bagdad.

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