Scooby-Doo: The 10 Best Velma Cosplays

Scooby-Doo and the Scooby Gang have been solving mysteries in one form or another since 1969 when the media company Hanna Barbera Productions first put them on television. Originally marketed as a kids show, generations of Scooby-Doo fans have remained loyal to the dog who's really a scaredy cat and his mystery-solving human companions. The Scooby Gang have roamed around in the Mystery Machine, looking for clues and solving mysteries for decades, as well as starred in two live-action films.

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While Fred, Daphne, Shaggy, and Scooby got a lot of attention originally, Velma, the bespectacled “nerd” of the group was sometimes overlooked. Super smart and super brave, she had a fact, a solution, and a witty saying for everything. Here are some cosplayers who show that Velma is more than just a pretty brain!

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One of the most recognized and celebrated Velma cosplayers, thanks to her spot on costume and professional looking photos, Gina B has a knack for capturing Velma in her element. Whether it's curled up with a good book, or dressed in her festive best by the fire during the holidays, Velma feels real in every picture she's in.

This picture shows Velma in a classically skeptic pose, scrutiny written all over her face. As the “brains” of the Scooby Gang, Velma isn't just a pretty face, though she's been portrayed that way in recent incarnations.


Caught engrossed in a good book, Velma keeps her mind sharp with her literary collection. By the giraffe on the cover, it looks like it’s all about the animal kingdom. Cosplayer Captain Irachka shows Velma and her inquisitive side, always curious about the world around her. She puts a unique spin on Velma’s orange knee-high socks by giving them stirrups that slip over her very high heels.

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This cosplayer not only has a knack for capturing Velma's bookworm side, she also does a variety of other popular character cosplays, like Daenerys from Game of Thrones and Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider franchise.


Some people might think Daphne would get all the attention in the Scooby Gang, but who could take their eyes off this Velma? Move over Daphne, you have some serious curve competition! With an outfit that emphasizes her amazing hourglass figure, Penny Brown has created a Velma that might not only be praised for her mystery solving skills.

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Penny hails from Australia, and practices tightlacing with corsets to get her unique hourglass figure. It’s not an easy practice, as it often involves wearing a tightly laced corset for 12 hours a day, but the results clearly speak for themselves.


And now for something completely different! Velma may look like a nerd, but she doesn't fit into any of the associated stereotypes. She's brave, daring, and resourceful. Which also happens to make a great zombie hunter! And since Velma has dealt with her fair share of zombies before, it's only natural she would start dressing the part.

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Keeping Velma's costume color scheme intact, this cosplayer has added some extra weapons (beyond her superior intellect). Armed with a crossbow and casting aside her bulky orange sweater, Velma is ready to slay the forces of evil!


Velma always had a quirky sense of humor and dry wit, captured here with a snarky grin and a coquettish roll of the eyes. Surrounded by books, magazines, and several old cameras seems like exactly the sort of spot Velma would be caught in when not solving mysteries with the Scooby Gang.

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This cosplayer has Velma dressed in her pleated red skirt, orange sweater and matching knee high socks, her ensemble is completed with a pair of red heels and her trusty magnifying glass.


You get two for the price of one with this cosplay team - Velma Dinkley and Daphne Blake, right in the middle of solving their latest mystery! This pair of cosplayers collaborate a lot, going from coast to coast, con to con, and their collaborations always involve fun action shots that authentically capture their characters.

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Velma wears her signature red pleated skirt, orange knee high socks and sweater, and a pair of red high heel pumps. She favors a hairstyle that is a departure from Velma’s perfectly coiffed bob, which gives her version a little spunk and personality.


Ever wonder what it would look like if Velma was part of Negan’s gang? It might look something like this amazing cosplay, capturing all the messy grit of The Walking Dead and combining it with the thrills and chills of Scooby-Doo! Velma looks like she just survived a horde of zombies and isn’t quite convinced they’re all taken care of.

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Ditching the orange sweater in favor of a more fight-friendly orange tank top, this cosplayer still wears Velma's signature red pleated skirt, though instead of mary janes she’s probably got a pair of combat boot on below it. She holds an axe, which she obviously knows how to use!


Zoinks! It’s Velma and Shaggy! And is that a little Scrappy-Doo he’s holding? Ever the one to take charge in times of strife, Velma is exploring the underbrush with confidence, while behind her Shaggy cowers in fear (as usual), hugging a baby Scrappy like his life depends on it. It’s okay boys, you’ll be diving into a mountain of scooby snacks before you know it!

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Unlike some other Velma cosplayers, it looks like this one may not be wearing the typical Velma wig, instead letting her own natural auburn locks take center stage. She may be wearing her real glasses as well, since most are thick black plastic costume frames.


Looking like she’s right in the middle of solving a creepy mystery, this cosplay takes the cake for atmosphere, ambiance, and turning out a great looking Velma! With her magnifying glass in one hand and her flashlight in the other, she appears to be standing in the middle of a dark tunnel, with what looks to be a house right behind her. Hopefully she won’t be caught by the creepy gatekeeper!

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Cosplayer Viktoriya is new to the cosplay scene, and while some might think Velma is a simple cosplay to put together, capturing the feel of being part of a good Scooby Gang mystery isn’t so easy to achieve. So good job to this Moscow model for being so successful with her first cosplay.


Though Velma is known for having a pretty level head on her shoulders when it comes to the perils of being in the Scooby Gang, she’s been known to go running through the corridors of a haunted castle while scared out of her mind. It sort of comes with the job description. While most cosplayers tend to portray Velma alone or with other members of the Scooby Gang, this one took it a step further.

This Velma appears to be running from a ghost, though from the direction of her line of sight it doesn’t exactly appear that she knows where she’s going. The mood, lighting, and costume are all on point though, so we’ll forgive that part.

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