10 Sci-Fi Movies To Watch If You Like Annihilation

Last year, Annihilation hit theaters and blew the minds of its audience. While the film wasn't a financial success, the vast majority of critics and fans loved it. It's a deep movie, filled with symbolism, mysticism, and suspense. You may need multiple viewings to fully grasp everything since it is a mind-bending cinematic experience that only comes along once in a while.

With Annihilation now in the rearview mirror for over a year, you may be yearning for a similar film to grab you in the same way. Thankfully, history has provided us with plenty of sci-fi flicks as options. Anyone who enjoyed Annihilation and hopes for something similar can check out these ten suggestions we've put together for you.

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10 Dredd

Many people would classify Dredd more as an action movie than something in the sci-fi genre. However, there's definitely a sci-fi aspect to this reimagining of the 1995 fan favorite. The post-apocalyptic dystopian setting is precisely what you'd expect from a film in this genre.

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On the surface, it isn't all that similar to Annihilation. There's not much depth to the high octane style of Dredd. What makes it worth checking out for fans is that it is written by Alex Garland, who both wrote and directed Annihilation. It's another in a long line of strong screenplays written by him.

9 Melancholia

Now we've officially entered the world of trippy sci-fi movies. Melancholia was released in 2011 and featured an insanely talented cast consisting of Kirsten Dunst and the father-son combo of Stellan and Alexander Skarsgard. The story centers around a pair of sisters as a rogue planet is on the verge of colliding with Earth.

What puts this in line with Annihilation is the high drama that drives this movie. It outweighs the science fiction elements, but there's enough there to classify it within the genre. The depressing tone may drive some viewers away, but it is worth checking out.

8 Coherence

More often than not, it's not the big budget movies that will present unique ideas. It's the films that have to work around their lack of funds to do something amazing. 2013's Coherence was made for just $50,000 by writer/director James Ward Byrkit. He did some impressive things considering he made the entire thing in his home.

In Coherence, a group of people spots a comet passing over while at a dinner party. When that happens, strange occurrences begin and it creates multiple realities. From there, doppelgangers from the different realities crossover and it causes a tremendous amount of chaos. Not a visual stunner, but a thinker of a movie.

7 Inception

One of the most famous science fiction movies of the past decade is Inception. For those who didn't contribute to the $828.3 million box office, this movie was filled with brilliant and captivating ideas. In it, a group of thieves infiltrate the subconscious and go through various layers of dreams to implant an idea in a person's head.

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One thing that Annihilation shares with Inception is the gripping visual nature that sets it apart. Christopher Nolan crafted an incredible looking world that is as trippy as it is dazzling. You could take almost any shot of both films and be completely blown away by how gorgeous it is.

6 Sunshine

Look! It's another sci-fi movie written by Annihilation director/writer Alex Garland. That automatically means it will at least somewhat remind you of his other work. Sunshine is set in 2077 in a world where the sun is dying, meaning life won't be sustainable for much longer. A group of astronauts venture out into space to try and solve the issue, but things go awry.

This movie begins by throwing the viewer right into the intense, life-threatening action and it never lets up. There's chaos around every corner. With Garland as the writer and a phenomenal cast including Chris Evans, Rose Bryne, and Cillian Murphy, this is a must-see spectacle.

5 Under The Skin

It's nowhere near the biggest or most famous piece of Scarlett Johansson's lengthy filmography, but it is one of the best. In it, she plays an alien maneater of sorts. She travels around Scotland and lures guys into a void of darkness where they are consumed and killed.

Under The Skin has a visual palette very similar to that of Annihilation. The scenes where people are sucked into the void are quite reminiscent of the latter's cave scene. Both films also happen to have a powerful female leading the way. From the wicked imagery to the twisty plot, it has everything Annihilation fans love.

4 Arrival

While Alex Garland is wildly considered one of the top rising names in the sci-fi movie industry, he's certainly not alone. Denis Villeneuve has been at the helm of some of the most impressive films in the genre over the past few years. While he dabbled in action and mystery, it was 2016's Arrival that put him on the science fiction map. Appropriate title, right?

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In Arrival, aliens visit Earth but don't have a way to communicate until a linguist is assigned to find a way to do so. While the plots are vastly different, the tons are surprisingly similar. Both films are sophisticated, dreamy, and share themes of letting go. Throw in some gorgeous cinematography and they're right on par with each other.

3 2001: A Space Odyssey

It almost doesn't matter what the content of your sci-fi movie is. There will always be some comparison to Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey. But take one look at both films and you'll instantly notice some of the same traits. From the colors used throughout down to how the final act plays out.

Even if familiar story beats, themes, and colors aren't what you're looking for to quench your post-Annihilation thirst, this movie offers up a special kind of sci-fi epic. It is on a grand scale and can satisfy almost any need you may have for the genre. There's a reason it's considered one of the most influential films of all time.

2 Stalker

If you want to know how similar these movies are, all you need to understand is that many people consider Annihilation to be something of a remake of Stalker. Directed by Andrei Tarkovsky, this makes perfect sense. His list of credits includes a bunch of strange science fiction movies.

The characters in Stalker go on an expedition into a mysterious territory where the laws of physics and biology change in unexplainable ways. It's known as "The Zone." Sounds familiar? That's basically exactly what happens in Annihilation when they enter "The Shimmer." There are plenty of other similarities, including the emotional distress the team goes through, as well as the look and overall appeal of the films.

1 Ex Machina

We started with an Alex Garland written film, and we end with another. However, Ex Machina happens to be the only other directorial credit on Garland's ledger before Annihilation. It marked his real first foray into science fiction and he hit it out of the park. This film told the story of a programmer who tests an intelligent humanoid robot's ability to exhibit human behavior.

Ex Machina made stars into Alicia Vikander and Oscar Isaac, while telling an incredible story. It asks plenty of questions about what makes someone human and the ramifications of going too far with artificial intelligence, among other things. While not as aesthetically pleasing as Annihilation, Garland as director makes it a perfect follow up.

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