Sci-Fi Premises Lucy

Luc Besson once again turned in a slick piece of genre filmmaking last year with Lucy, which starred Scarlett Johansson in her ass-kicking best as an unwilling drug mule who gets exposed to a lethal amount of a drug called CPH4. This drug allows its taker to unlock their full

brain capacity (beyond the "10 percent" we Average Joes use), and over the course of the film, Lucy develops powers such as telekinesis and the ability to not feel pain. Though the movie did have some entertaining performances and tried to tackle heady concepts about humanity, it proved to be polarizing with much criticism thrown at its plot.

Like Limitless before them, the Lucy filmmakers decided to run with the "10 percent of our brain" theory, even though it has been disproven time and time again by numerous people (including the Mythbusters gang). Neurologists have shown that a human's brain is always active and "virtually" every part of it is used throughout the day. Suspending disbelief is all fine and good, but it's harder to do when the concepts aren't fantasy and instead an act of neglect by the screenwriter.

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