The 10 Best Sci-Fi Movie Pops, Ranked

Given the colorful characters that can be found in science fiction movies, they tend to make the best Funko Pop figurines. There are all kinds of unusual costumes and alien species across the spectrum of sci-fi cinema. Every director has interpreted distant planets and intergalactic fashion and our own society’s future in different ways, leading to a series of wildly different looks in sci-fi movies.

From George Lucas to James Cameron, we’ve had some incredible, breathtaking visions of the future (or the past – in a galaxy far, far away) on the big screen. Anyway, here are The 10 Best Sci-Fi Movie Pops, Ranked.

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10 Funko POP Movies: Alien Queen 6" Action Figure


After the slightly underwhelming box office returns of Alien: Covenant, the iconic sci-fi horror series might be dead in the water. It’s a shame, because the new movies were just starting to pick up speed, and Covenant ended with a cliff-hanger that shocked audiences to the core and promised to take the story to some very dark places. Plus, the silver screen won’t be the same if we’ve seen the last of the truly monstrous xenomorph.

Still, if we have seen the last of it, then now is the perfect time to immortalize the creature with this Funko Pop figurine of the queen from Aliens.

9 Funko POP Movie Back to The Future Marty Vinyl Figure


Back to the Future is one of the greatest movies ever made, because it tells a fun story about time travel and it has all these big sci-fi concepts and yet never stops being fun and relatable. The audience never gets lost in all the pseudo-scientific terminology, never stops rooting for the lead character, and rejoices at the end when everything works out for the central duo.

Part of what keeps the movie grounded and engaging is the lead performance as Marty McFly by the infinitely likable Michael J. Fox. Now, he’s a Funko Pop figure, complete with his red “life preserver.”

8 Funko Movies: The Matrix - Neo Pop! Vinyl Figure (Includes Compatible Pop Box Protector Case)


There’s been talk of a reboot of The Matrix franchise in the past couple of years. The most persistent rumor was that Warner Bros. had been developing a movie about young Morpheus starring Michael B. Jordan. Whatever the studio decides to do with The Matrix, nothing will ever be able to top the original trilogy, which is one of the most acclaimed and beloved works in the history of science fiction – and not just sci-fi movies, the whole of science fiction.

The three-part existential epic was anchored by a terrific lead performance by Keanu Reeves as the iconic protagonist, Neo.

7 Funko POP Movies Dr. Zaius Planet of The Apes Vinyl Figure


Everyone remembers Dr. Zaius from the old Planet of the Apes movies. He wasn’t in any of the new prequels led by Andy Serkis’ motion-capture character Caesar, but he was one of the most memorable characters from the original series.

Younger moviegoers won’t remember the old Planet of the Apes movies where the actors actually dressed up as apes rather than having their performance turned into a biologically accurate CGI ape through the wonders of technology. However, they will remember his name being in a musical number in The Simpsons in the musical adaptation of Planet of the Apes that Troy McClure starred in: “Dr. Zaius! Dr. Zaius! / Oh, Dr. Zaius!”

6 Funko Pop! Movies: Ghostbusters - Dr. Peter Venkman


The Ghostbusters franchise was revived in 2016 with an all-female reboot and another movie is currently in development to follow on from the original and potentially star child actors. There’s been a lot of backlash against both of them, with many reasons suggested for it.

But the problem with all these sequels and reboots is quite simply that they don’t have the original cast. It wasn’t proton packs or ghosts or a car that made audiences fall in love with Ghostbusters – it was the cast: Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, Ernie Hudson, and of course, Bill Murray as the hilariously deadpan and sarcastic Peter Venkman.

5 Funko POP Movies: Clockwork Orange - Alex Action Figure


Stanley Kubrick’s greatest contribution to sci-fi cinema was arguably 2001: A Space Odyssey, but that’s just because that happens to be possibly the most influential sci-fi film ever made. His other sci-fi movie, A Clockwork Orange, is still hugely influential and masterfully made.

Its harrowingly blunt depiction of violence and a portrayal of a future that could still happen disturbed audiences across the world. But disturbing the audience is still getting a genuine, deep, powerful response from them, which is what movies are all about. Now, the film’s lead character Alex DeLarge – who was the primary inspiration for Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker – is available as an adorable little Funko Pop figure.

4 Funko Pop Movies: Blade Runner 2049 - Officer K Collectible Vinyl Figure


A couple of years ago, Denis Villeneuve was faced with the nearly impossible task of making a sequel to Blade Runner, one of the most classic and highly regarded films ever made. It was thought to be one of those movies that no remake or sequel could ever hope to live up to, purely because of its incredible legacy.

But Villeneuve nailed it. He successfully immersed us back in the odd futuristic world that Ridley Scott created and replicated Scott’s slick neo-noir visuals. Ryan Gosling’s Officer K made an interesting and curious addition to the Blade Runner universe, and now, he’s a Funko Pop figure.

3 Funko POP Movie Back to The Future Doc Vinyl Figure


Christopher Lloyd had been acting for years before Robert Zemeckis cast him as Dr. Emmett “Doc” Brown, the quintessential mad scientist. He’d appeared in the acclaimed masterpiece One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and starred in the insanely popular sitcom Taxi.

However, the role he’ll be forever remembered for is the erratic inventor who sent Marty McFly to 1955 as an old man and then helped to send him back to 1985 as a young man. That’s a testament to the timeless quality and lasting legacy of both the movie and the character. Just looking at this Funko Pop figure conjures up dozens of fun cinematic memories.

2 Funko Pop! Movies: Mad Max: Fury Road Furiosa (Styles May Vary) Collectible Figure


Imperator Furiosa may be a recent creation, but she still takes the top spot on many people’s lists of their favorite female action heroes. She was a badass warrior working for Immortan Joe who decided to betray him and free the Five Wives, leading to an intense chase across the Fury Road that somehow ends up involving Max Rockatansky.

Max’s name is in the title, sure, but Mad Max: Fury Road is really Furiosa’s movie. She’s tough, reserved, smart, determined, and makes sure she can really trust someone – like Max – before letting her guard down. This Funko Pop figure captures Furiosa in full ruthless form.

1 Star Wars - Han Solo and Greedo Cantina Face-Off Movie Moments Pop Vinyl Figure 2-Pack


Having this Funko Pop figure on your desk or shelf might lead to endless debates with your friends or family or co-workers about who really shot first: Han or Greedo? Of course, true Star Wars fans know that it was Han who shot first, and Greedo shooting first was just one of many weird CGI additions to the special editions.

However, George Lucas has defended the addition of a shot from Greedo’s gun to avoid characterizing Han as a cold-blooded killer. But Han is also not a fool. He wouldn’t wait to be shot at before opening fire. Anyway, save the rest of the argument for when you have the figure.

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