10 Most Lovable Robots Sci-Fi Cinema History

Robots aren't usually portrayed as the most cuddly of creatures, but these 10 heartwarming androids totally disprove the stereotype.

Movie robots are some of the most memorable characters in all of cinema. Their character variety is widespread, for every Wall-E that wishes to save the world from annihilation, there is a terrifying terminator that has been sent back in time in order to ensure that the world will end. It is this unknown factor with artificial intelligence that divides opinion in the world today. Some influential tech billionaires are genuinely worried that the rise of the machines will trigger the end of humanity. That being said, Wall-E has shown that robots do not have to be evil; they can be cute, helpful, and loveable. This article will list the 10 most loveable robots in cinema.

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10 Jarvis - MCU

Perhaps JARVIS may be a controversial addition to this list, as he is more like Siri than a genuine example of a robot. That being said, JARVIS is clearly an artificial intelligence that is robotic in nature so it is more than enough justification to improve him on this list.

JARVIS is the voice assistant we all wish we had. The character actually responds to Tony Stark and is intelligent enough to respond to the superhero with good humor. If only our voice assistants were as clever and funny as JARVIS.

9 Baymax - Big Hero 6

Baymax may be the cutest robot ever designed. While most movie robots are cold and hard lumps of metal and wires, without any sniff of 'cuddle-ability,' Baymax goes against this trend. Baymax is an adorable and cuddly robot that has a heart of gold. He would stop at nothing to save Hiro from any potential harm.

Furthermore, while Baymax may appear to be a cuddly guy, he is also packed full of defensive technology that makes the loveable robot very functional indeed.

8 Bumblebee

The first transformer on this list. Recently, Bumblebee starred in his own movie and it was more than deserved. The Bumblebee solo movie really showed how loveable Bumblebee can be. The black and yellow intergalactic robot showed his love for 80s music, and his real desire to please the people around him.

Another element of Bumblebee's character was his adorable shyness. No one would expect that a robot built to kill would have such crippling shyness, yet there it is.

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7 Optimus Prime - Transformers

Optimus Prime is *the* transformer. He is undoubtedly the coolest and strongest robots on this list. It is in no doubt that Optimus Prime is the 'Superman' of the robot world. He has saved the Earth countless times from the threats of the Decepticons and the terrifying Megatron.

The biggest testament to the lovability of the character is his ability to persist. Since the 80s, Optimus Prime has managed to draw in huge audiences and this is set to continue with the recent reboot of the Transformers franchise.

6 Terminator

This is specifically about the T800 Terminator that appears in Terminator 2: Judgement Day. This version of the Terminator, much like Bumblebee in many ways, tries to fit in with humans. While the character begins like a robot from the future, he slowly begins to adopt slang and mannerisms from the 1990s after hanging out with John Connor.

Furthermore, the relationship that the Terminator forms with John Connor is incredibly heartwarming and is the backbone of what makes Terminator 2 so great.

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Wall-E is one of the sweetest and most loveable robots of all time. The character spent so many years cleaning up the waste on planet Earth, long after humans have disappeared. Furthermore, the robot also began to grow human traits. We saw the character watching old movies and we saw him creating his own collection of odd trinkets.

Wall-E is truly one of the more interesting explorations of artificial intelligence of all time. He developed genuine interests in superfluous, yet deeply human, things. Not only did this make the character adorable, but it also made him deeply interesting.

4 Iron Giant

Another addition to this list of a robot trying to learn what it means to be human. The Iron Giant is one of the greatest animated movies ever made. It is a poignant, heartwarming, and heartbreaking tale that left a huge impression on the viewer. The movie is beautifully made and perfectly captures the period setting that the filmmakers were aiming for.

What makes this movie so great is the bond between the protagonist and the Iron Giant. As shown by its inclusion in Ready Player Onethe Iron Giant had a huge impact on our culture and remains one of the most loveable robots of all time.

3 BB-8 - Star Wars

BB-8 Thumbs Up in Star Wars The Force Awakens

BB-8 is one of the most universally loved additions from the sequel trilogy. While other elements have proven to be controversial, even the adorable Porgs, BB-8 has managed to avoid this controversy. The astromech droid is a loved companion of fan-favorite Poe Dameron and has accompanied the pilot on countless dangerous missions.

While the droid is clearly inspired by R2-D2, the two droids have different personalities and unique designs. We hope we see much more of BB-8 in the Rise of Skywalker

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2 C3PO - Star Wars

C3PO is one of the most recognizable characters in all cinema. The protocol droid has, like R2-D2, managed to embroil himself in the most cataclysmic events in the Star Wars galaxy, allowing the droid to appear in all of the main Star Wars movies.

In addition to being an iconic symbol of Star Wars, C3PO is also one of the funniest characters in the series. His interactions with other characters, notably Han Solo and R2, are some of the funniest in the series.

1 R2-D2 - Star Wars

Is there any other robot that could've possibly topped this list? R2 is the face of the beloved Star Wars franchise. The character has appeared in every main series movie since his debut in 1977. The astromech droid is one of the few constants in Star Wars and has consistently managed to provide some of the most memorable moments in all of Star Wars history.

While the character of C3PO may be grating to some, there is no doubt the loveable R2-D2 is loved by all Star Wars fans.

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