Sci Fi Channel's Ghost Hunters

Sci Fi channel messes with my head!

Let’s start with the fact that I like Sci Fi channel. But right now I am watching Ghost Hunters, and it confuses me. Do I believe in ghosts? Sure, to some degree. Do I believe there are enough ghosts out there for the Sci Fi channels’ Ghost Hunters to chase ghosts every week? No.

In the pic, Grant thinks he hears something in the wall!! Jason’s like, "I think it’s a wall!!

Ghost Hunters are a staff of people called TAPS, The Atlantic Paranormal Society. Plumbers by day, ghost hunters by night, they travel the country investigating ghost sightings. TAPS has been around for about 10 years, and has become one of the most respected paranormal-investigation groups in America. (Probably the only one that admits to it!)

They go investigate places where ghost activity has been reported. In every episode I’ve seen, the team always encounters ghostly activity. (I’m not saying I watch the show. I just tend to turn on Sci Fi channel for background noise when there’s nothing else on that interests me… REALLY!)

In the first half of the particular episode I'm watching right now, they are investigating a ghost that turns on toys! A toy goes off and it scares the investigator out of his wits. He then sits down on the couch and asks out loud: “Is there anyone here?” (Duh. The toy just spoke to you!)

I equate this to an advanced form of entertainment a notch above ECW Wrestling (Writers Rant: Sci Fi upset me that they injected ECW Wrestling into their Tuesday programming. NBC is saying they don't think much of this Sci Fi channel viewer, unless wrestling is kind of sci fi-ish!)

What confuses me is that part of the show is taped in a gritty black and white during their on-site investigations. It makes me want to believe, but the left half of my brain is screaming at me “Why am I even watching!?”

As I look at the website,, Sci Fi calls it a one hour docu-soap.

According to Encarta.msn, a docusoap is a television program that combines documentary style with aspects of soap opera. Hmm.

(In the episode I’m watching: The faucet just turned itself on in the bathroom!! They whisper that they need to get a camera in there. Why are they whispering?)

So though I watch in disbelief, I can still find the show interesting while I do things like write articles, scour the web, and look for other sci fi to tell you about. If you like ghost things, you'll probably like this show. If you are on the fence, growing grass or WE channel could be more interesting. (Yes, I'm bi-polar. What of it?)

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