Sci Fi Channel crosses the line

According to CNN, the heavily promoted upcoming "unauthorized" documentary about M. Night Shyamalan was actually made with M. Night's (how the heck do you refer to him, anyway?) cooperation.

Sci Fi Channel has been promoting this heavily as a documentary about Shyamalan that started out with his cooperation, but when it dug too deep he soured on the idea. Supposedly they continued without his permission, unearthing some deep, dark secret.

Turns out it was all B.S. and he was in on it from the beginning, and that it may be more of a "mockumentary".

I'm sorry, but in my mind, this crosses the line over to false advertising. Sci Fi Channel advertises the show heavily for weeks to get people to tune in, advertisers pay for airtime based on this fact, people tune in based on that, and then the network delivers something that's basically a hoax.

That's just wrong, and I'll bet that people who tune in and are not aware of it will end up pretty annoyed at the very least. Of course it won't matter much to Sci Fi and it's advertisers, who will have gotten the ratings they worked so hard to attain under false pretenses.


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