Sci Fi Channel Announces Their Summer Line Up

For the TV based sci-fi fans out there, the Sci Fi Channel announced the dates for their new and returning shows for their summer programming schedule.

On the list is that wacky science town of Eureka, with it's third season starting up July 29th. The new season is going to be introducing some new characters to the show.

Their surprisingly successful series, Ghost Hunters International comes back with only seven new episodes, but new is new and they're slated to begin on July 9th.

I know in the past I've knocked the show around a bit, but I get the draw of the show and can appreciate it.. to a higher degree than I used to.

One of my personal favorites, Scare Tactics makes it's return to the network with it's third season on July 9th. I loved that show, where people set up their "friends" to scare the cr*p out of them with staged stunts. Sometimes a little overboard, but the premise really appeals to me!

For those of you wondering about the the surviving Stargate franchise show, Stargate Atlantis kicks off their 5th season on July 11th.

The fifth season is slated for a 20-episode run, introducing a new alien race and the show's 100th episode will be included in this run. On tap for guest or return appearances are Paul McGillion as Dr. Carson Beckett, Michael Shanks (Daniel Jackson) and it's noted that Amanda Tapping (Col. Samantha Carter) will also make a guest appearance as Robert Picardo (Richard Woosley) assumes command of the base.

Ug, I've never been a big fan of Woosley, but I've enjoyed Robert Picardo's work on different shows, like the holographic doctor on Star Trek Voyager, who was in search of his personality development.

And as far as guest appearances go, I'd love to see Teal'c make a return trip to Atlantis. It was very entertaining to see like minded aliens spar in an obvious even physical match in the episode Midway. In the end they came to understand each other. I'd like to see a spin-off with those two. That would be fun.

Source: SciFi Wire

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