10 Things That Need to Happen Before Schitt's Creek Ends

Schitt's Creek is arguably one of the best things that have come out of Canada since poutine. Created by Eugene Levy and his son, Dan Levy, the show features a well-rounded cast of talent (including Catherine O'Hara) that never stops providing laughs and life lessons.

Unfortunately for us, Eugene and Dan have recently announced that season six will be the next and final season. Stating that the decision was entirely their own, the two pointed out that they are fortunate to make that decision for themselves. In today's world of cutthroat TV cancellations, that's really something to respect. With that being said, we want to make sure that our favorite small-town characters are going to get the send-off they deserve. We're sure that the "Ew, David" memes aren't going anywhere, either, so there is that comfort. Since this show has been so great, we'd like to be sure that some great things are going to happen before the show's final season comes to an end. Here are 10 of those things that definitely need to happen.

Spoiler alert: If you're not up to date on the show, please note that there may be some spoilers included here.

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Schitt's Creek - David and Patrick
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10 David And Patrick's Wedding

Schitt's Creek - David and Patrick

Last season, David and Patrick made the big step of getting engaged and attempting to make a big announcement (that became overshadowed, of course). This is one spectacular wedding that we are really ready to see. David and Patrick have both been through so much. Patrick has gone through his own journey to come out and become comfortable with his sexuality. David has always been comfortable with his sexuality but has never found someone who he can really develop true feelings for. Finally, they've both found each other, and they've blossomed into one of our favorite TV couples. Here's hoping there are no issues and that we can go through with this wedding before the show's end.

9 Moira Gets An Award

Schitt's Creek - Moira Rose

As she never lets anyone forget, Moira spent some time in Bosnia filming her Crows movie. However, in the season five finale, she finds out that the film isn't getting its highly-anticipated premiere date after all. Moria spends a lot of her time trying so desperately to re-live her glory days and remind everyone that she was once a star. Now that she's realized she's basically stuck in Schitt's Creek and this is her life now, it'd be nice if she maybe just got one more award to help her feel better. Even if it was an award for their local Cabaret performance. Just something to make her feel happy and content with her life (and so she'll stop talking about it, for the others' sake).

8 Alexis And Ted Get Engaged Or Pregnant

Schitt's Creek - Alexis and Ted

We know they've been down this road before and it didn't end well. But these two deserve to be happy together forever. The way this last season ended, it looks like Alexis may have a choice to make after being offered a permanent job by her mom. She can still go to the Galapagos with Ted, or she can stay home, which may jeopardize their relationship. Alexis and Ted, but mostly Alexis, have matured and grown as people and fans are fully convinced they're meant to be. However, it seems like Alexis always makes an impulsive decision that changes that. Here's hoping that these two find a happy ending, whether it's with a wedding or a baby. We're kind of leaning toward baby, though, since there's already one Schitt's Creek wedding coming up this final season.

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7 Jocelyn Gets A Vacation

Schitt's Creek - Jocelyn

After giving birth and then being thrust into assisting Moira to direct the town play, Jocelyn has really become unraveled this season. You can tell by the way she seems to be coming apart at the seams. Just being married to Roland can be enough for anyone to reach their wit's end. But Jocelyn is an absolute trooper. Someone needs to take this woman on a vacation. Yeah, they did have their girls' night out last season when they went to the Poison concert, but this woman needs a real vacation, complete with palm trees and pina coladas. It would be great if they could end the show with her finding her own happy place and being able to relax.

6 Stevie Finds Her Place In Life

Schitt's Creek - Stevie

The Rosebud Motel's more quiet and even-tempered owner, Stevie, seems to be pretty unlucky in love and in life. She's not sure what she really wants and whether she's satisfied living in Schitt's Creek for the rest of her life. This last season has really shown her seriously considering what she wants for her future. She's had her heart broken, and now she's being forced to star in a musical she never asked for. All of that has really tested her limits. In the last episode, she was throwing major hints at wanting to find more in life. We think she truly deserves this after having to put up with so much from the rest of the crazy townspeople. So, we really hope that the last season will give her a send-off and show her figuring out what she wants to do with her life.

5 Twyla Finds Love

Schitt's Creek - Twyla

Let's face it. Twyla is naive and has been burned before. But she's also one of the show's strongest moral compasses, especially for her bestie, Alexis. She is always listening to everyone's problems and giving out her best advice. Even if it's not really the right advice. Her heart is always in the right place, and she is arguably the most inherently good person on the show. It shouldn't go without saying that just having to listen to Alexis' backhanded compliments is enough for one person to have to go through. Or dealing with Moira's antics. She deserves someone that makes her happy because she often seems pretty lonely. Even though she's great at hiding it.

4 Rose Apothecary Reaches Record Profits

Schitt's Creek - Rose Apothecary

Part of the running joke of David opening up the Rose Apothecary is that he is bringing his luxe lifestyle to a small town of people who don't even know what the word artisan means. However, the more people try his products, the more they keep coming back. David has gone through his whole life looking for a purpose and something that he enjoys doing. He's also bounced from job to job (at least, during the time of his life when he actually needed a job). It's time for him to feel the success that comes from working hard for something. His character has grown a lot, so that would just be the icing on the cake.

3 The Rose Family Decides To Stay In Schitt's Creek Forever

Schitt's Creek - The Rose Family

Of course, this has been hinted at throughout the last few seasons. Each of the members of the Rose family are starting to learn that there's more to life than money. However, it would be nice to see Moira, Johnny, David, and Alexis just come to terms with the fact that this is their home for good. It seems as though these characters always have it set in the back of their minds that they will one day go back to their previous life, but then, when the chance arises, they change their minds. Whenever there's a chance to re-live something from their past life, they seem to jump on it. Let's just face the facts. These guys are here for good and we love it.

2 Johnny And Moira Move Out Of The Motel

Schitt's Creek - Johnny and Moira

Johnny Rose's goal in Schitt's Creek is to rebuild his family's financial status and to bring them back up to the high horse they were on before the collapse. Of course, part of the whole comedic element of the show is the fact that this family is all living together in this motel—in adjoining rooms, no less. Now that David is getting married and Alexis and Ted seem to be heading in that direction too, it could be time for Johnny and Moira to finally get their own place. The family is doing much better now. Schitt's Creek seems like their permanent home. So, why not just bite the bullet and get a real place?

1 Roland Cuts His Hair

Schitt's Creek - Roland

Okay, so this one is probably not happening. Roland is pretty true to the white trash guy he is, but wouldn't it be funny to see him with an average haircut, or a clean-cut look, just once? He doesn't have to change who he is. His personality is way too bold for that. However, that mullet can be pretty tough to look at sometimes. For this one, we'll probably just have to be prepared for disappointment.

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