What To Expect From Schitt's Creek Season 6

Schitt's Creek season 6 is now in development, but when can fans expect season 6 to premiere and what will it be about? The Canadian comedy was co-created by father and son duo, Eugene and Daniel Levy. They also co-star in the sitcom as members of the Rose family, which makes their banter all the better.

Schitt's Creek follows a wealthy family who is forced to move to the small town of Schitt's Creek after losing their fortune from business fraud. Johnny Rose (Eugene Levy), his soap actress wife Moira (Catherine O'Hara), and their adult kids, David (Daniel Levy) and Alexis (Annie Murphy), must then live in a local motel through two adjoining rooms. After the lifestyle shock lifts, the Rose family fully integrate themselves into the town thanks in part to the relationships they build.

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Schitt's Creek season 5 has been full of the typical laughs that make the show a hit, but it also goes deeper than any other season. There are multiple endearing moments in the most recent season that pulls at the heartstrings. Patrick coming out to his parents, Moira coming to terms with her career, Johnny's health scare, and Stevie's heartbreak are just a handful of meaningful story arcs featured in season 5. So what does the future of Schitt's Creek season 6 hold?

Schitt's Creek Season 6 Premiere Date Info

Schitt's Creek first debuted in January 2015. Since then, every new season followed suit with a January release. In addition to the Schitt's Creek season 6 announcement, Eugene Levy confirmed that the upcoming season will consist of 14 episodes. If Schitt's Creek season 6 premiered in January 2020, it would likely run until early spring. There is no indication whether season 6 will include a holiday episode similar to season 5's Christmas Special. Considering it was a major hit with fans, it wouldn't be surprising to see a special episode drop during the holidays before the typical January premiere. It's also important to note that the series airs on different networks depending on the location of the viewer, which could affect the premiere date by a few days.

Schitt's Creek Season 6 Story Details

Schitt's Creek season 5 was its most ambitious yet and it closed out just as strong as it started. David wanted to keep his engagement to Patrick a secret so that he could announce it everyone at once. His elaborate plan was quickly thwarted since the news spread through town faster than wildfire. Stevie went missing ahead of opening night for Cabaret, but she arrived just in time and absolutely nailed her performance, stunning theatre expert Moira. The Rose family matriarch was riding high with her cast's performance until receiving a call that her upcoming Crows movie was shelved. Then there was Alexis who was set to leave town for months to accompany Ted on a work assignment in the Galápagos Islands.

Will her brother's life-changing plans and her mom's latest setback affect Alexis and her decision to possibly stay behind? Johnny was already providing clues that leaving the family would be harder for Alexis than first believed. Much of Schitt's Creek season 6 will focus on David's impending nuptials and he certainly needs his sister, and PR professional, to help plan the wedding. Moira will also need help getting back on her feet since she expected her upcoming movie to mark her comeback to the industry. She might need to take the advice she gave to Stevie about deciding on what kind of future she wants. It would also be no surprise to find out that Stevie's Cabaret performance opened new doors for the Motel owner. She did hint that she might be done being stuck behind a desk, after all.

Will Schitt's Creek Season 7 Happen?

Sadly, all things must come to an end. When Schitt's Creek season 6 was announced in March, it was also revealed that it would be the show's final season. Daniel and Eugene Levy took to social media following the announcement to thank fans for support and the love they have received since the series first aired. Schitt's Creek season 6 will close out the series in the way that they originally intended. Fortunately, the cast and crew have a full season to work with which should give them ample opportunity to tie up any loose ends. Schitt's Creek is surely one of a kind and it will be greatly missed.

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