10 Most Heartwarming Moments From Schitt's Creek

Schitt's Creek

Schitt’s Creek is mainly known for being a hilarious comedy with a unique kind of humor. While the show might have a lot of one-liners and over-the-top characters brought to life with great acting, it also has some heartwarming moments. As the series progresses, fans of the show grow to find the Rose family and the other characters endearing. These characters grow and evolve and find out how to be happy and connect with other people.

Here are the ten most heartwarming moments from Schitt’s Creek.

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Schitt's Creek David and Stevie
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10 David Reassuring Stevie At Her Aunt's Funeral

Schitt's Creek David and Stevie

The friendship between David and Stevi is one of the most adorable relationships on the show. These two become friends pretty early on in the first season and stay that way as the show goes on. Despite their brief romantic relationship, they still maintain a close friendship. One of the most heartwarming moments between them happens during Stevie’s aunt’s funeral. David reassures her that she’s not wasting her life, and they both tell each other that they are each other’s only friend.

9 David And Ted Have A Heartwarming Talk About Heartbreak

Schitt's Creek David and Roland

While David and Ted aren’t necessarily close friends, they have one of the most real moments in the series. This happens in the season four finale. The two men have a deep talk about past heartbreaks and their fears about getting hurt in relationships. This talk is a turning point for both Ted and David, and it gives them both the inspiration they need to take a risk on love. It’s definitely adorable to see them supporting each other and helping each other out.

8 When Moira Sings At Alexis' Graduation

One of the biggest themes of the show is seeing how the Rose family slowly grows closer as time goes on. It’s no secret that Moira wasn’t that involved of a parent before the family was forced to move to Schitt’s Creek. Alexis is bummed when her family isn’t going to come to her high school graduation. But, in a moment that’s really sweet, Moira showed up to as the lead singer of a surprise performance by the Jazzagals. This made Alexis really happy and was a cute mother/daughter moment.

7 When David Tells Patrick That He Loves Him

There are a lot of big relationship moments in season four. This is the season where both David and Alexis finally end up with the people they’re supposed to be with. While David clearly cares a lot about Patrick, his own baggage and insecurities keep him from committing all the way. However, in the season four finale, he’s finally able to admit to Patrick that he loves him. This emotional moment was really romantic, and it’s no surprise fans love these two together.

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6 When Moira Tells Her Kids That She Loves Them

Schitt's Creek

Johnny and Moira weren't very great parents. It’s clear that, before the timeline of the show, they were mostly absent from their kids' lives. This is why, in the season finale of season two, it’s so heartwarming to hear Moira tell her kids that she loves them. This scene then ends with the entire family dancing together and having a good time at the party at Mutt’s barn. It’s clear that the family does love each other and is actually happy.

5 Roland And Joceyln Naming Their Son After Moira

Roland and Jocelyn can sometimes be frustrating characters on the show for the Rose family. At the beginning of Schitt's Creek, especially, they really got on their nerves. However, as the show goes on, Moira and Johnny grow to have a friendship with them. While Roland especially might be clueless and weird at times, it’s really quite sweet that the two decide to name their son after Moira.

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4 When The Rest Of The Family Make Christmas Special For Johnny

During the special Christmas episode of the series, Johnny is upset by the fact that no one else in the family cares about Christmas or is trying to recreate their old Christmas celebrations. However, when the entire family bands together to decorate the hotel room and throw a Christmas party, it clearly means a lot to Johnny. It was definitely a heartwarming to see the rest of the family and friends come together to give Johnny a gift that meant a lot to him.

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3 When Ted And Alexis Got Back Together

Schitt's Creek Alexis and Ted

While Ted and Alexis got engaged once before, it didn’t work out because Alexis was still in love with Mutt. While the two remain friends as they work together, they still have feelings for each other. Seeing them finally reunite for good was definitely a moment fans could route for. The two share a kiss when Ted shows up at Alexis’ Singles Week event. It was a cute and celebratory moment and nice to see these two finally figure things out.

2 Patrick Proposing To David

The best relationships on Schitt's Creek by far is the one between Patrick and David. Their love story is adorable, and also relatable, for many people. Although David has many walls up, Patrick is a great match for him and helps him feel more comfortable with himself.

When Patrick proposes to David at a picnic in the woods, the episode is filled with a lot of laughs, as well as a lot of adorable moments. It’s especially perfect because Patrick proposes using four gold rings to replace the silver ones David normally wears.

1 Patrick Singing The Song For David At Open Mic Night

While Patrick and David have a lot of romantic moments to choose from, this is one of the best. This scene might be one of the most memorable and heartwarming from the entire show. When Patrick sings a song to David at the open mic night at Rose Apothecary, David is clearly overcome with emotion. It’s especially perfect because David is able to get over his self-consciousness and enjoy the romantic gesture.

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