David And Alexis' Jobs Before Schitt's Creek Started

David and Alexis Rose were forced to leave their luxurious lives behind in Schitt's Creek. But the sheltered siblings did have jobs before moving.

Schitt's Creek

Despite their family's wealth, David and Alexis Rose did have jobs before they moved to the small town in Schitt's Creek. The siblings, played by Dan Levy and Annie Murphy, are one-half of the Rose family who was uprooted from their luxurious lives and forced into moving to the podunk town.

David and Alexis grew up surrounded by wealth thanks to their video rental store mogul father, Johnny (Eugene Levy), and their actress mother, Moira (Catherine O'Hara). The parents weren't very involved in David and Alexis' early life but they were provided with every materialistic good possible. Even into their 20s, the Rose kids lived a comfortable life due to their family's money. That all changed when Johnny's business manager lost their fortune and fled the country. The Roses were then forced to move to the town of Schitt's Creek, the one large asset that they were able to keep.

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Moving to Schitt's Creek was an absolute reality check for the Rose family, especially David and Alexis. They were never faced with living in a community below their wealth status. After the culture shock wore off, the family greatly adapted to the surprise of the town, embracing their new lifestyle. The kids have even embarked on new careers, with David a store owner and Alexis a PR aficionado. However, these weren't the first jobs for David and Alexis. They have both had a few unconventional listings on their résumés before moving to Schitt's Creek.

Schitt's Creek

Before David took over the Schitt's Creek General Store and remade it into Rose Apothecary, he served as a New York City gallerist. The position required David to curate unusual pieces for art shows and performances around the city. David is repeatedly shown to have an eye for fashion and trends, as proven by his designer clothing. That skill helped him acquire a job as the brand manager at the nearby boutique, Blouse Barn, for a brief time. Rose Apothecary was his true passion after arriving in Schitt's Creek, though, as he was given the chance to hand-pick items to sell at his brick-and-mortar store.

Alexis, on the other hand, didn't have any kind of professional jobs per se but her occupational history is as interesting as one could imagine. She has shared that she was once a child actor and a teen model. As she got older, Alexis spent her time as a socialite, globetrotting to exotic locations with her equally as rich friends. When she wasn't getting trapped in the palace of a Saudi Arabian prince or getting captured by Somali pirates, Alexis almost spent time on a reality show. That was around the same time she created the show's theme song, "A Little Bit Alexis." After arriving in Schitt's Creek, Alexis got a receptionist job at Ted's vet clinic. She also went back to high school to finish her degree and took more classes to create her own PR firm, Alexis Rose Communications.

The Rose family may have thought they got the short end of the stick in Schitt's Creek, but they truly made the best out of their situation. They admirably never looked down on the fellow townspeople and, instead, used the resources around them to reinvent their lives. Sure, David and Alexis will never truly be able to forget their old lifestyles but they have both evolved immensely.

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