10 Best Episodes Of Schitt’s Creek According To IMDb

Schitt's Creek

In 2015, a Canadian sitcom debuted that turned heads with its offbeat humor and characters full of heart. Five seasons later, Schitt’s Creek is beloved by audiences all over the world thanks to cable networks and streaming sites. The series follows the Roses, a formerly wealthy family who lost everything, when they relocate to the small town of Schitt’s Creek.

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Schitt’s Creek is their last asset, one that can’t be confiscated. The Roses become closer and learn what it means to have to earn their keep over the course of the series. As the series prepares for its final season to air in 2020, we’re looking back at its best episodes. On the Internet Movie Database, more than 19,000 ratings determined that the top ten all have at least 8.7 stars out of ten. The top episodes all feature a healthy balance of sitcom humor and emotional moments.

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Schitts Creek The Barbecue S4E07
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10 The Barbecue S4E07 (8.7)

Schitts Creek The Barbecue S4E07

Leading off the list is a season four episode. That particular season is quite the favorite amongst fans, and makes up most of the top ten episodes. In “The Barbecue,” The Roses discover David and Patrick’s four month anniversary is approaching and want to do something special.

Though David prefers to self-sabotage and avoid Patrick interacting with his family, Patrick accepts their invitation to a barbecue. Little does anyone know that Alexis’ guest happens to be Patrick’s ex-girlfriend. The episode delivers a comedy of errors that demonstrates how much the family cares about one another, even when they cause each other grief.

9 The Olive Branch S4E09 (8.9)

Just two episodes after “The Barbecue” comes “The Olive Branch.” This episode directly deals with the consequences of the previous entry. Like many of the best episodes of the series, the episode deepens the relationship between some of the main characters.

While Alexis attempts to venture into the business world, David puts off ending his “break” from Patrick. David continually avoids reconciling with Patrick even though he wants them to get back together. Patrick, for his part, keeps sending David gifts to apologize. David loves the gifts, and loves how much Patrick cares. When Patrick finds out, David has to find a way to apologize as well. His apology is in the form of a lip-sync serenade, calling back to Patrick’s own performance earlier in the season.

8 Merry Christmas, Johnny Rose S4E13 (8.9)

Schitts Creek Merry Christmas Johnny Rose S4E13

Like any holiday special, this season four episode focuses on the true spirit of the holiday season.  As Johnny remembers the extravagant holiday parties of the Rose family past, he wants to throw another one. Four seasons into the series, Johnny finally believes the Rose family is turning their luck around.

Unfortunately for him, all of his plans for the party seem to fall apart before he can even put them into action. The lavish party isn’t in the cards, but the family still ends up celebrating the holidays in style.

7 Grad Night S3E13 (9.0)

Schitts Creek Grad Night S3E13

“Grad Night” is rated fondly by fans who remember it as the episode David accidentally went on his first date with Patrick. It’s also, however, a great episode with a focus on Alexis.

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Alexis spent season three going back to high school to finally get her diploma. When it came time for graduation, it conflicted with everyone else’s plans. While Alexis insisted she didn’t want her family there, it was clear that she wasn’t telling the truth. Alexis made a few big decisions about her life in the episode, taking the steps toward really growing up.

6 Happy Anniversary S2E13 (9.1)

While this episode has a lot of fun moments (Steve and David competing for a guy’s attention, and Alexis inviting herself to her ex’s party), the focus on Johnny and Moira’s anniversary dinner takes the cake.

Johnny and Moira spend much of the first two seasons of the series looking down on their Schitt’s Creek neighbors. They don’t mean to, but they’re used to a certain lifestyle. When Johnny takes Moira out to celebrate their wedding anniversary, they’re confronted by the reality of their lifestyle in the form of old friends. After listening to the old friends speak badly about Schitt’s Creek, both Moira and Johnny realize how lucky they’ve been to find friends in the small town. Roland and Jocelyn are there to witness the couple have their epiphany in a touching moment.

5 Open Mic S4E06 (9.1)

Schitts Creek Open Mic S4E06

As Moira keeps a secret for Jocelyn and Alexis tries her hand at marketing, the big story of the episode is David and Patrick trying to drum up business for their store. Patrick is all in favor of hosting an open mic night. David, however, is terrified of what might happen when Patrick decides to perform.

The highlight of the episode is easily Patrick’s performance. His acoustic version of Tina Turner’s “Simply The Best” might be one of the best musical moments on television as it brings tears to David’s eyes and makes everyone’s hearts melt.

4 Life Is A Cabaret S5E14 (9.2)

Most of the Schitt’s Creek season finales make it into the top ten, so is it really any surprise to see this episode land on the list? Moira’s version of Cabaret in Schitt’s Creek finally comes to life with Stevie and Patrick in leading roles.

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So many of the best episode focus on how the members of the Rose family deal with their lifestyle change in Schitt’s Creek. With the season five finale, however, “Life Is A Cabaret” gives Stevie the spotlight. This episode reminds the audience that the Roses have become Stevie’s family too, and that since they came to town, Stevie has constantly been put in situations she never would have been in before. Case in point: playing Sally Bowles. Stevie knocks her big number out the park, making Moira, David, and everyone else extremely proud of her.

3 Singles Week S4E12 (9.2)

Alexis and Moira put their plan to bring new blood (and revenue) into town with “Singles Week.” Unfortunately, the two run into a lot of complications in the episode.

As Moira takes Jocelyn to the hospital when the latter goes into labor, Alexis has to contend with the singles on her own. The experience only reminds her that she still has feelings for Ted, forcing her to confront them. Jocelyn in labor also means the group needs to get Roland to the hospital. With Johnny having confiscated Rolando’s phone, he, Stevie, and Bob have to run around town to track him down, leading to even more comedy gold.

2 The Hike S5E13 (9.2)

Schitts Creek The Hike S5E13

“The Hike” isn’t just an episode featuring a big milestone for Patrick and David; it’s also an episode that demonstrates the growth of so many of the characters. When Patrick injures his foot on his hike to a picnic spot, David carries him the rest of the way so they can still have their romantic picnic. That - and caring for David’s injury - isn’t something a season one David would have done. Patrick’s sweet proposal to David is a lovely moment, and the natural progression of their story for the show.

Likewise, Alexis’ growth is evident when she realizes she might not be ready to up and leave her family for Ted. Though she spent most of her youth jetsetting, now, she would actually miss them if she left. Stevie as well realizes that she’s not quite the loner she pretends to be when she’s genuinely afraid that Johnny is suffering from a heart attack. There’s growth, emotional moments, and funny one-liners all around.

1 Meet The Parents S5E11 (9.4)

Schitts Creek Meet The Parents S5E11

Coming out storylines on television are usually treated with drama and heartache. Characters are plagued by anxiety before they come out, only to be faced with rejection and ridicule. Schitt’s Creek doesn’t do that in “Meet The Parents.” Its heart-filled take on Patrick’s coming out story is likely why the episode is the highest-rated of the series.

In the episode, despite hating surprise parties, David plans one for Patrick’s birthday. When Johnny picks up Patrick’s parents, he spills the beans about the two dating, not realizing they didn’t yet know. The two become anxious because they don’t understand why David couldn’t tell them, not because they’re disappointed in their son. Balancing Patrick’s coming out story is a more comedic tale with Alexis dragging Moira to a soap opera convention. As a result, the episode has the perfect amount of comedy and happy tears.

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