Behind The Scenes Photos Of James Cameron’s Avatar

We’ve seen so little for the upcoming “industry-revolutionizing” James Cameron project, Avatar, but that’s not hampering our expectations from the accomplished director who’s not directed a live action feature film in almost 12 years.

The few updates we have seen so far include a tag line for Avatar, an interesting set photo with Cameron and news of a toy line for the movie by Mattel that will hit shelves in October, two months before release.

Well, we still don’t have any official stills, new posters, character images or a trailer but we do have a few more behind-the-scenes photos thanks to the folks over at MarketSaw who have been giving detailed coverage of the 3-D project, Avatar, all throughout the process.

The scanned images come from a recent issue of Empire magazine:

James Cameron's Fusion 3D Camera used for Avatar

Cameron making adjustments for the green screened CG environment

A close-up shot of Cameron's monitor from above image

Cameron on large set full of monitors with a soldier in the background

Close-ups of the monitor and soldier marked in above shot

The soldier in the set photo resembles an image MarketSaw put up back in January which was supposedly a decked out marine for the movie. Here's that image:

The issue also features an interview with James Cameron who discusses the technology they’re employing for shooting the film. Here are a few quotes from the director that they posted from the issue:

"We've eliminated the animation from animation."

"With the capture technologies we developed, the actor can be any character they can imagine and the director can create any world, any time and any space."

Cameron also talked about having Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg on set and letting them play around with the camera.

"I invited them over while shooting AVATAR. I put the camera in their hands and they basically became two kids - on the inside every filmmaker is really just a complete geek. The amazing thing for me was just watching that seminal moment. They were running around the stage, working the camera, and that's the moment when they both kind of looked at each other in the eye and said, 'Let's make TINTIN.'"

Michael at MarketSaw was also able to confirm that there will not be a trailer for Avatar attached to X-Men Origins: Wolverine which opens Friday, May 1st - this had been rumored earlier. Hopefully we get one soon.

Avatar is of course helmed by James Cameron and it stars Sigourney Weaver, Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Michelle Rodriguez, Giovanni Ribisi, Stephen Lang, Peter Mensah and Wes Studi.

What do you think of what we know about the movie so far?

Stay tuned for more, Screen Rant will keep you updated with Avatar news as soon as it breaks!

An all new world awaits December 18, 2009 (I really hope it’s not delayed).

Source: MarketSaw

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