15Dinosaurs Eating a Baby in Jurassic Park

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Nobody likes to see horrible things done to babies. So it makes sense Hollywood has done its hardest to avoid the topic. Books on the other hand? They can't get enough of infanticide. Take Michael Chrichton's Jurassic Park, which contains a scene where three small dinosaurs kill a

baby in a hospital.

There are a lot of crazy un-adapted moments from Jurassic Park. Such as the film's sweet eccentric grandfatherly figure John Hammond actually being a total pyscho hellbent on greed who ends up dying a horrible death eaten alive by a pack of compys. However, the craziest moment has to be another event involving those seemingly adorable tiny dinos. At the start of the book they hitch a ride off Isla Nublar. Once on land they head over to a local hospital, because why not. A nurse walks into the nursery and...

"In the light of her flashlight Elena saw the blood dripping from their snouts. Softly chirping, one lizard bent down and, with a quick shake of its head, tore a ragged chunk of flesh from the baby."

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