14Rambo Murders Dogs in First Blood

Sylvester Stallone in First Blood

When Sylvester Stallone brought the story of Green Beret Vietnam veteran John Rambo to the big screen there was little doubt who the hero was. In First Blood he was depicted as a righteous drifter passing through town who was terrorized by police on account of his long hair and awesome biceps. However, the

sides of right and wrong weren't so clear cut in David Morrell's 1972 original novel.

To put it simply, Rambo was way crazier. Like, waaaay crazier. The total body count in the film adaptation was one, when Rambo throws a rock at a helicopter that spins out of control and accidentally knocks a cop off a cliff. In the book the count is 14. This doesn't include a rifle-wielding Rambo shooting a group of hunting dogs and their civilian handler. Overall the First Blood book plays out like a horror film with a merciless Rambo systematically hunting and killing all the policeman he can find, and then finally trying to suicide bomb Sheriff Will Teasle only to have his own head blown off by Colonel Trauhtman.

Should we go with the action star or the dog murderer? Hollywood definitely made the right choice.

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