Scarlett Johansson Not In Jameson Biopic


Jameson says, after having seen Lost in Translation:

"I remember thinking to myself, this girl has such a sexuality without even really trying to be sexy. I was like, 'This girl could play me.'"

Correct me if I am wrong, but who would want to play her? And why is a movie even being made about her?

Has the creative well in Hollywood dried up that much that we are now reduced to making biopics of porn-stars? To be perfectly honest, I am impressed by Johansson’s response given through her representative:

"Scarlett has never seen a script nor been approached about this project. She also has no interest in playing this role."

Good for Scarlett. I am sure that her taking the role would bring instant media attention and loads of free publicity. I am also betting that there are plenty of actresses out there who would expound on what a great person Jenna is and how much of a role model she is for the modern successful woman. Kudos to Scarlett for not showing any interest in the role.

Source: People

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