What Scarlett Johansson Would Look Like as the DCEU’s Wonder Woman

Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow and Wonder Woman

New fan art depicts Scarlett Johansson as the DCEU's Wonder Woman. Though there is hardly any debate that Gal Gadot did the character justice in 2017's Wonder Womanthis fan art offers up Johansson as an alternate contender for the role, assuming she never took on the role of Black Widow in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Johansson joined the MCU back in 2010 for Iron Man 2 and has been a recurring presence ever since. Her version of Black Widow is one of the original Avengers after all, so she's been around for some of the franchise's biggest events. That said, even though Johansson is on her way to leading her own Black Widow standalone movie, there was a time when the role nearly went to someone else. Emily Blunt was one of the top choices for Marvel Studios prior to Iron Man 2, but Blunt passed on the part, opening the door for Johansson. However, if Blunt never turned it down, it's possible that Johansson would have still been eligible for a superhero gig down the line, leaving the door open for Diana Prince.

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Thanks to some new art by BossLogic (who recently visualized what Gal Gadot might have looked like had she been cast as Black Widow), fans can now get an idea of what Johansson might look like as the Amazonian. Instead of opting for Diana's traditional dark hair, Johansson's Wonder Woman keeps the red hair that Black Widow has had in every MCU movie she's starred in up until Avengers: Infinity War. And, considering that Johansson's hair is naturally light brown, this art evidently isn't just taking inspiration from Johansson, but from Natasha Romanoff herself.

If Gadot wasn't cast as Wonder Woman, it's not entirely far-fetched that Johansson might have had a shot. Gadot was officially cast as Diana at the end of 2013, and her most significant credits to that point were with the Fast & Furious franchise. Johansson, on the other hand, was already a household name. Prior to 2013, Johansson had already starred in Sofia Coppola's Oscar-winning Lost in Translation, Michael Bay's The Island, and Christopher Nolan's The Prestige. So, had she been cast, she would have brought even more star power to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and subsequent DC films.

Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins has even said that she probably wouldn't have cast Gadot, but she is incredibly thankful that Zack Snyder made the choice he did. Gadot hasn't just successfully embodied Wonder Woman on screen, but has become the face of the DC cinematic universe. It's certainly possible (if not likely) that Johansson could have delivered a solid portrayal of Wonder Woman, but it is safe to say that most fans are more than thrilled with how history actually unfolded. Gadot has since become a household name following her portrayal of Wonder Woman, and Johansson is still a major component in MCU's future, so both actresses are faring well in their respective roles.

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Source: BossLogic

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