15 Most WTF Things Scarlet Witch Has Ever Done

Between hooking up with an android and a dead man, having phantom children and being raised by a cow, Scarlet Witch has led a pretty WTF life.

Scarlet Witch Chthon Wundagore Avengers

Making things spin around, bending reality, messing with peoples' minds... there's not much that Scarlet Witch can't do. Although she wears a pretty awesome outfit and saves the world in Avengers: Age of Ultron, she's also responsible for some of the darkest hours in Marvel history, and we're not talking about the weird wimple she wears in the comic books.

Like X-Men's Jean Grey, she is a very underrated superhero who has gone dark, had her powers underestimated and done more damage than anyone could have ever guessed. She has also had some pretty off-the-wall moments that just made readers stop and reread the page on more than a few occasions over the past few decades.

With her volatile powers, rough backstory, and lifetime of heartache, Wanda Maximoff has had an upward battle when it comes to having a normal life. In fact, her life, like that of many mutants, has been anything but normal, including these 15 Most WTF Things Scarlet Witch Has Ever Done.

15 She Joined The Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants Out Of Guilt

Brotherhood of Evil Mutants fighting the X-Men

Lots of commentary has circulated about why Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver joined the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants in the first place. They never connected with Magneto's vision for mutantkind, and they seemed reluctant at best during each mission. It turns out that they never really wanted to be a part of the crew.

Wanda only joined out of guilt after Magneto saved her and her brother from an angry mob. The mob accused Wanda of seducing a boy who had sexually assaulted her, burning down her home, and murdering her mother in the fire. They nearly killed her because of her witchcraft until Magneto swooped in and saved her. But Magneto is like Rumpelstiltskin: his magic always comes with a price. It was Magneto's constant abuse every time she attempted to abandon the team that kept her in the Brotherhood. Pietro only remained to be with his sister. They only remained in the group for a year before joining the Avengers in issue #16.

14 She Found Out Magneto Is Her Dad

Magneto in the Uncanny X-Men

After you find out that the abuser who bullied you into staying in his evil mutant league is your dad, what would your next step be? Wanda has reacted in all of the usual rebellious daughter ways-- including creating an entire new mutant world, but that's for later.

During the twins' time with the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, neither was aware of their true parentage, so it came as a complete shock to them both. Her caretaker Bova (see below) had tried to pass both twins to the superhero Whizzer as his children when his wife and children died, but he returned them to Bova when he discovered her lie. Wanda believed him to be her father nonetheless until she discovered that her very abuser was not only her father, but later her twin's killer, which was one of the events that led to M-Day.

Being Magneto's spawn means that Wanda and Pietro are also the sister and brother of the mutant Polaris, but their nonexistent relationship is just as weird to many readers, especially considering that both Polaris and Quicksilver were members of X-Factor. In fact, Lorna seems to have interacted more with Pietro's ex, the Inhuman Crystal, and their daughter, Luna, more than her own siblings.

13 She Was Raised By A Cow

Scarlet Witch Quicksilver Cow

Listen, cows are pretty maternal creatures. You're grown up and odds are that you still get nourishment from a mama cow somewhere. Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch just had a closer relationship with their bovine provider when their mother Magda, who feared mutants, went insane with worry over what their father might do to her children. Magda ran off to have her twins as far away from the militant mutant as possible and left them with a nanny cow for their part of their childhood in the Wundagore Mountains in Transia.

The cow, whose name was Bova, was actually a cow-human hybrid created by the High Evolutionary, and she was designed to nurture and raise hybrid babies in the first place, so you could say she was a qualified childcare provider (even if she didn't have the certification).

Wanda and Pietro didn't spend their entire formative years with Bova, though. The Maximoffs, a Romany family who had lost their own children, eventually adopted the twins, giving them their last name.

12 She Discovers That She Isn't A Mutant, But An Experiment

High Evolutionary Scarlet Witch Quicksilver

Remember all that stuff about Magneto being the father of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver? In 2012, that whole story line was nuked with the revelation that the twins were not only never Magneto's progeny, but even mutants at all.

In Uncanny Avengers #4 back in 2015, it was revealed that they were actually experiments created by the High Evolutionary. They started out as human babies whose real parents were Marya and Django Maximoff after all. The High Evolutionary stole them, experimented on them, and returned them to their true parents when he decided they weren't up to his standards. Their powers, disguised as mere mutant abilities, were actually the products of genetic engineering.

Given how many years people assumed they were the children of Magneto, this was a shock to both the twins and their fans. Of course, since it was also a retcon story, there's always the possibility that it's an isolated one that will only be altered again in the future.

It's no wonder that Scarlet Witch's powers are so volatile. Her entire life is like a yo-yo of confusion, including her own identity.

11 She Had Demonic Sorcerer Essence In Her Body

Carnage is Unleashing Hell on The Marvel Universe

Move over, Sam Winchester: your Yellow Eyes blood-drop only enters you into the Minor Leagues of Demonic Possession. Scarlet Witch was filled with the essence of an evil sorcerer for decades of her life without even knowing it. In the storyline everyone knew and trusted until 2015, Wanda discovered that Chthon, the Elder God; the creator of witches, werewolves, and vampires; and basically our version of Satan, decided to "bless" her as an infant with his demonic essence. This was another possible source for her powers overall. The Master of Dark Arts essentially provided Marvel with its own Maleficent fable in the process.

If being raised by a cow, marrying an android, and discovering that your father is the most militant mutant, anti-human extremist of all time isn't enough to drive you insane, discovering that you are brimming with "demonic essence" probably is, which is probably one of the factors contributing to Wanda's #1 most WTF moment below.

10 She Was A Nun

Marvel 1602

This is quite possibly the nuttiest thing on this list, especially considering all of the guys that Scarlet Witch has fallen for over the years. In one universe, believe it or not, Wanda was a nun.

In the Marvel 1602 reality as part of Earth-311, Scarlet Witch served as Sister Wanda to Enrique, the Grand Inquisitor. In this reality, not only is Enrique the Earth-311 version of Magneto, but he is still the father of Wanda. She remains oblivious to this fact as she serves him in a minor role during the series.

Although this reality is one of the most unbelievable moments for Wanda, it does reflect a portion of her character: her wimple. As the only character in the Marvel universe who wears one, this does hint at some sort of faith, even if it's demonstrative of her witchy origins. Her loyalty to Enrique is also a mirror of her loyalty to Magneto during her time with the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

9 She Hooked Up With Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom Stan Lee Interview

What is it with Doctor Doom that brings all the Marvel ladies to his yard? Let's be honest: his milkshake is nothing but creepy, and yet he's caught the eye of A-listers like X-Men's Storm and Scarlet Witch. Our consolation is that it's never a situation in which our heroines are quite in their right mind.

In Scarlet Witch's case, she's suffering from a terrible case of amnesia and Doctor Doom is quite happy to take advantage of that, getting engaged to her. It takes Magneto, Quicksilver, the Avengers, and Wanda's Young Avengers children, Wiccan and Speed, to not only locate her in Latvia but help her recover her lost memory in The Children's Crusade.

In this same timeline, fans saw Scarlet Witch murdered by the ultimate incarnation of Ultron, which also wasn't very pleasant. The murder was arranged by none other than her spurned ex-fiance Doctor Doom, who was harboring a serious case of the "If I can't have her, nobody can" delusions.

8 She Used Chaos Magic To Resurrect Wonder Man

Wonder Man in Marvel Comics

According to Doctor Strange, there's no such thing as Chaos Magic. Fans of Harry Potter might make a wager on the Sorcerer's Stone being the secret of Wanda's power instead. Whatever type of magic Scarlet Witch learned, she used accidentally it to wake Wonder Man up from the dead in ionic form. Then she decided to move on from androidphilia to something a little less edgy, like necrophilia.

It didn't stop at resurrection, either. Since Wonder Man's brain patterns had already been used to create the Vision and the superhero had harbored unrequited feelings for Scarlet Witch for years, Wanda decided to try to have a relationship with him instead-- right in front of Vision himself. Ouch. Of course, the two had not been an item since the Vision had been rendered an emotionless robot, and she was never able to get over her feelings for him.

The Vision eventually was able to be repaired, and during the Kang Dynasty saga Wonder Man and Scarlet Witch broke up so she could attempt to repair her relationship with the Vision.

7 She Married The Vision And Had Kids With Him

Scarlet Witch and Vision

Can you even have kids with an android? Plenty of Star Trek: The Next Generation fanfics may claim that it's possible, and so did Marvel when Wanda decided to marry and have kids with the Vision, the android that she fell in love with.

Of course, it wasn't all up to the birds and the bees, either; Wanda's amazing powers made it possible for them to have kids together. Most of their teammates did not approve of the relationship in the least, most notably Wanda's twin Pietro, but that did not stop the two from marrying, having their own pair of twin boys and attempting to ride off into the sunset, which unfortunately did not go as well as they had hoped.

In another reality, Scarlet Witch marries Nightcrawler, which is a little weird, but somehow shacking up with a fuzzy blue demon mutant seems more normal than playing white picket fence with an android. We blame Disney for normalizing that.

6 She Found Out Her Kids Aren't Real

Wiccan and Speed Marvel

Oh, Scarlet Witch. If only your strangest moments ended with the whole "I Married an Android!" moment-- which, by the way, would make an excellent mutant reality TV show (somebody phone Netflix). No, you had to go and find out that your kids aren't even real, but manifestations of your powers.

In the series Vision and the Scarlet Witch, Thomas and William, Wanda's twin sons, seemed real enough when she thought about them, but they disappeared when they weren't on her mind. In another reality, the twins were actually pieces of Mephisto, emerging as his own arms when he reabsorbed them! That's right up there with killer clowns and apes gone ape at the zoo on a mom's list of nightmares.

Fans know that the twins come back in the Young Avengers series as Wiccan and Speed, proving that they were real after all. The twins also bear an eerie resemblance to their mother and her twin rather than their father, but more on why that's so weird later.

5 She Had A Breakdown And Created The New Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants

New Brotherhood of Evil Mutants Scarlet Witch Magneto Quicksilver

Take away a spouse's feelings for him or her and a person may just go berserk. They may burn photos, destroy that spouse's clothing, create an angry song about the person... So when the Vision, having lost all emotion for Wanda, left her to join the East Coast team, Wanda helped to create a New Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. What else did you expect? Once again, Quicksilver joined the group with Scarlet Witch, but he only did it to protect her. Realizing her mental state, he opted to go bad to make sure his sister didn't truly join the dark side for good.

Fans might be angry at how fragile Wanda seemed, but she wasn't in control of herself. Immortus, the future self of Kang the Conqueror who kidnapped Scarlet Witch, admitted to not only wreaking havoc on her marriage and destroying the Vision but also to damaging her psyche in the process. What added insult to injury was the fact that he was their wedding officiant! Luckily, the West Coast Avengers were able to rescue her from the power-hungry, would-be master of time.

4 She Destroyed The Avengers

Scarlet Witch Avengers Disassembled

Yoko Ono has nothing on Scarlet Witch. When she disassembles a team, she leaves them broken and bleeding. If losing her husband left Wanda in a fragile state, realizing that she once had children sent her into a terrible frenzy of emotion, and in this rage she not only killed her teacher, Agatha Harkness, for keeping the secret of her twins from her, but also went after all of her teammates.

From resurrecting Jack of Hearts to destroy the Avengers Mansion to murdering Scott Lang to possessing both Iron Man and the Vision and making them behave violently, she destroyed the entire team and would've done worse had Doctor Strange not come to stop her.

In Wanda's defense, she was not in her right mind and likely had no idea of the destruction she'd caused before it was too late. These were the unfortunate moments that led up to her most WTF moment ever.

3 Fights Zombies And Is Eaten By The Punisher

The cover of Marvel Zombies 2

Sure, it was a crack!timeline that we'll only encounter for fun, but there was that one time that Scarlet Witch got eaten by the Punisher. Wait, it gets better. She also battled zombies alongside Ash from The Evil Dead. Not insane enough? One of the zombies that she takes on is none other than Howard the freaking Duck.

Poor Ash was eaten by Howard, and nearly dies again when he comes from the future to save himself, but Scarlet Witch appears and turns the duck into a piece of Doctor Strange's Sanctorum.

This wasn't the only time Scarlet Witch faced an unlikely foe, either. In the past, she's battled her brother on occasion, but there was also a trippy moment when she battled herself in Fantastic Four #645. She stood victorious over her evil doppelganger from another dimension upon realizing that her presence fractured both their powers,  her foe to a limited magical capacity.

2 She Hooked Up With Her Brother

Quicksilver Scarlet Witch Incest Relationship

No, we aren't about to see it on screen anytime soon, but when a certain writer took over, Wanda and Pietro got kissy face. Major kissy face. Believe it or not, that same writer was Jeph Loeb, the same mastermind behind actual good storylines like those found in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, such as Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the cool Netflix shows we've come to love so much.

Yes, The Ultimates 3 was a completely different universe and the relationship doesn't count at all outside of it, but it's not like it never happened and fans can't unsee Scarlet Witch and her twin together as one of the strangest couples in Marvel history.

There was really no reason to make the Maximoff twins twincestuous aside from your standard shock and awe tactics, which is what it certainly felt like to fans. Look up Wanda's significant other and most websites will confirm that it's Vision, not her brother, and in this case, an android is definitely a better partner. Come on, who do you think you guys are-- Targaryens?

1 She Wiped Out 90% Of Mutant Kind On M-Day

Scarlet Witch - No More Mutants

While audiences can forgive and forget most of the things our beloved superheroes do, some of them commit such atrocities that it makes it hard to give them another chance. Scarlet Witch did just that on M-Day when she uttered the three words that changed the world as Marvel knew it: "No more mutants." With that tiny spell, the entire world was almost rid of mutants in seconds.

Occurring in X-Men Volume 2 #191, M-Day began with Scarlet Witch creating a world where mutants were the dominant race. When the X-Men and Avengers argued over whether or not to kill her for performing the spell in order to prevent further incidents from occurring (Emma Frost unsurprisingly was all for it), she uttered the three words that rid the world of over 90% of its mutants and created chaos for our favorite X-teams.

Wanda and her little pranks, right? Luckily many former mutants were able to regain their powers or adopt new ones, as is standard procedure in the comic retcon fashion. The series did create multiple spin-offs and what was one of the most interesting and mind-blowing plots in the history of Marvel. But seriously, Wanda-- WTF?


Are there any other crazy Scarlet Witch moments that we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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