The Scarlet Witch, aka Wanda Maximoff,  is one of the most powerful and feared characters in the Marvel Universe, with powers rivaling that of the Phoenix Force and even Thanos himself. Her powers initially began as the ability to cast hexes and warp the reality around her, and evolved into tapping into Chaos Magic and the earth’s life force. As she was not always in control of her magic, she would often use it unconsciously, which had detrimental effects on the world and the people around her. 

Scarlet Witch and her twin brother, Quicksilver, began their mutant career with The Brotherhood of Evil and eventually switched loyalties and joined the Avengers. However, Scarlet Witch’s life did not become any easier after joining the superheroes, and she experienced much tragedy and metaphysical attacks by villains who wanted to absorb her powers. Many of these upsets damaged Scarlet Witch’s emotional and mental health, which in turn affected her ability to control her magic. The more tenuous Wanda’s grip on reality was, the more often her powers manifested beyond her control. As those powers amplified and grew, it led to some great, and at times completely overpowered, fights against other superheroes. Here are 15 Times Scarlet Witch Beat Other Heroes.

15. The Mutants

6 Scarlett Witch No More Mutants The Avengers: 15 Times Scarlet Witch Beat Other Heroes

In House of M, Charles Xavier and Magneto have whisked Scarlet Witch away to Genosha, to attempt to help her regain her sanity and control of her world-altering powers. However, after several weeks, neither Doctor Strange, Charles, or Magneto can help her control her abilities. The X-Men and the Avengers convene, and Quicksilver overhears them discussing killing the Scarlet Witch because she is too dangerous. Quicksilver leaves them and goes to Genosha, where he convinces the Scarlet Witch to create a reality in which the Homo Superior (mutants) rule over the homo sapiens.

This utopia lasts until it is discovered to be a farce by some of the remaining X-Men. During the battle against the House of M, Magneto unleashes his wrath against Quicksilver for having the Scarlet Witch create this reality. He takes a metal beam and pummels Quicksilver to death. Upset, Scarlet Witch revives her brother, but she blames Magneto for being a mutant overlord instead of the father that they needed. Further blaming the mutants for her current suffering, Scarlet Witch utters three simple words, “No more mutants,” causing ninety percent of the mutant population to lose their mutant abilities.

14. Vision

Captain America Civil War Vision and Scarlet Witch promo The Avengers: 15 Times Scarlet Witch Beat Other Heroes

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Wanda Maximoff saves Captain America’s life from a detonating bomb by using her powers to move the bomb into the sky. Unfortunately, the bomb explodes near the top story of an apartment building, killing several civilians. Wanda finds herself spending a lot of her time with Vision at the Avengers Tower. In a misguided attempt to keep Wanda “safe,” Vision and Tony keep her confined to the Avengers Tower until Hawkeye’s rescue.

Hawkeye engages in an ill-matched fight with Vision until Wanda steps in. Much like her comic book counterpart, she knows that she needs to help Hawkeye, but is afraid and conflicted. She opens a ball of energy and makes Vision release Hawkeye and then forces him to the ground. Powerless against Wanda’s ability, Vision is unable to move as Wanda states, “I can not control their fear, only my own,” and uses her energy ball to defeat Vision by sending him to the center of the earth. Though Wanda overpowered Vision quickly by using the element of surprise, watching her gain her confidence both mentally and with her powers to defeat Vision was empowering.