10 Scariest Slasher Movies To Never Watch Alone, Ranked

Slasher movies can be silly or terrifying, and these are the ten you should absolutely never watch alone. Unless you're really brave.

When you think about the horror genre, one of the biggest chunk of famous films fall in the slasher sub-genre. Whether you're thinking about Michael Meyers, Ghostface, Freddy Kreuger, or Leatherface, there is something we all love about watching a masked killer run around murdering people in increasingly creative ways.

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The golden age of slasher movies began in the 1970's and continued into the '90s. Since then, we haven't seen that many new slasher films. Typically we just see continuations, reboots, sequels, and the like. But here are 10 slasher films you should think twice before watching while you're alone.

10 House of Wax

House of Wax is best known as the movie that Paris Hilton got killed in the most gruesome of ways. But it is a pretty terrifying horror film if you don't know what to expect. It is a remake of the 1953 film and aside from Paris Hilton, the movie also stars several other familiar faces like Elisha Cuthbert, Jared Padalecki, and Chad Michael Murray.

A group of young adults are on a trip to go to a football game when they stumble upon a strange ghost town called Ambrose. While there, they uncover the town's jewel, a wax museum. Soon, each of them are picked off one by one in increasingly gory and horrific ways.

9 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The original 1974 slasher movie directed by Tobe Hooper is still considered one of the best and scariest horror movies of all time. Despite the name of the movie, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre doesn't actually have that much gore in it. But the performances and introduction of Leatherface are so terrifying, the movie doesn't really need copious bloodshed to render every person who watches it with the chills.

What made Leatherface so terrifying was his penchant for a chainsaw instead of knife, and his fascination with human skin. Elements of his character were even based on the real-life serial killer, Ed Gein. After watching this, you won't want to drive alone for a while.

8 Halloween

Of course we couldn't make a list about the scariest slashers of all time without including Michael Meyers. The original Halloween is still terrifying, even decades after it debuted. But the 2018 sequel is also likely to give you nightmares.

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Halloween helped launch the career of scream queen, Jamie Lee Curtis, who originated the role of Laurie Strode. Michael Meyers and Laurie Strode is a cat-and-mouse game for the history books. Laurie is just trying to get through her Halloween night babysitting when Michael Meyers strikes and changes her life forever.

7 You're Next

Many horror fans are fond of You're Next because of how smart it is. The film doesn't fall prey to all the familiar slasher movie tropes and attempts to imbibe the genre with something refreshing and clever.

Imagine you're trying to enjoy your wedding anniversary when the entire evening is thrown into chaos by an orchestrated attack by masked assailants. That is what Erin finds herself facing while at her boyfriend's home in Missouri. But Erin is far more equipped to deal with the carnage than anyone would have anticipated. You're Next is a tense, often funny, but still scary slasher flick well worth your time.

6 Scream

When talking about scream queens, along with Laurie Strode, Sydney Prescott definitely ranks near the top. Neve Campbell's is probably best known for playing Sydney but Scream also had other great characters like Courtney Cox's Gale Weathers, David Arquette's Dewey, and Skeet Ulrich's Billy Loomis. Scream is all about the Ghostface killer that targets residents of Woodsboro, particularly Sydney Prescott.

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Even though Scream is known for being funny and having a lot of meta and satirical elements that poke fun at slashers, it still has some truly gory kills and can make you afraid to sleep with the lights off. There are four movies in total but you can also watch the three-season television series based on the films if you truly fall in love with the franchise.

5 A Nightmare on Elm Street

It's bad enough that horror movies make you afraid of the dark, but imagine watching a movie that makes you afraid to sleep too! It's one thing to see Michael Meyers, Ghostface, or Jason Voorhees in the corners of your room, but now you'll be haunted by Freddy Kreuger in the safety of your own head.

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A Nightmare on Elm Street creates yet another legendary serial killer with the long-clawed Freddy Kreuger who debuts in the original 1984 slasher film. Freddy comes for you in your dreams and if he manages to kill you there, you'll die in real life too.

4 Black Christmas

Many people don't know this but Black Christmas actually predated Halloween and served as a major influence for the Michael Meyers movie. Released in 1974, the slasher movie followed a group of sorority girls who are murdered by a monstrous killer during the jolliest of holiday seasons.

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The movie was remade in 2006 and another remake from Blumhouse is being released this holiday season. Now is the perfect time to watch the original if you haven't seen it yet, if you dare.

3 Candyman

Candyman is also receiving a remake next year and it will be produced by Jordan Peele. The original movie is considered a classic and it starred Tony Todd as the titular killer. The movie followed the "Candyman" urban legend about a ghost murdered in the 19th century who begins to slaughter people in the present tense.

The 1992 film has a surprising amount of nuance and interesting racial and social commentary. The movie has some similarities to the iconic Bloody Mary legend. It'll make you think twice about saying the name after watching it, that's for sure.

2 Sleepaway Camp

Out of all the slashers listed on here, Sleepaway Camp may be one of the most downright twisted, at least for the time period it was released. It has some of the most disturbing kills and certainly the most unpredictable ending.

The movie was released in 1983 and has developed a huge cult following over the years. Three sequels follow the original movie. The plot is pretty basic. It takes place at a summer camp when a murderer strikes and begins killing campers one-by-one.

1 Child's Play

Do dolls and toys freak you out? If they don't, they will after you watch Child's Play. While Child's Play has a lot of black comedy and campy elements in it, it's still a frightening slasher film. Before Annabelle, there was Chucky.

A serial killer on the verge of death transfers his soul into a doll so she can continue his killing spree. Child's Play is another movie that developed a large cult following and has produced numerous sequels over the years. Earlier this year a remake was released and a television show is currently in the works too.

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