Scarface: 10 Worst Things Tony Montana Ever Did

Tony Montana did some horrible things in the movie Scarface, but some offenses are worse than others.

Scarface is hailed as one of the all-time best gangster movies ever made. Written by Oliver Stone, directed by Brian De Palma, and starring Al Pacino in one of his most iconic film roles, Scarface has become a pop-cultural mainstay since its release in 1983.

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Of course, Scarface is synonymous with Tony Montana (Pacino), the fast-rising Cuban exile who ascends to become one of Miami's biggest drug runners. To attain such a position, Montana had to do a number of illegal, immoral, untoward activities. Let us count the ways. Here are 10 Worst Things Tony Montana Ever Did in Scarface!

10 Emilio Rebenga Murder

Although his decision was made out of necessity, Montana's choice to murder General Emilio Rebenga in exchange for a U.S. Passport set off a chain of poor decision making right from the beginning of the film.

Fresh off a boatlift from Cuba, Montana sought to get ahead by making whatever impression he could. At the behest of Miami drug kingpin Frank Lopez, Montana and his three best friends agree to murder Rebenga so they can begin a life of freedom in America. All of Montana's bad decisions stem from this first transgression.

9 Columbian Murders

After impressing Frank by murdering Rebenga, the druglord gives Montana the mission of delivering a bundle of cocaine to Columbian dealers. Once the deal goes awry, a gory bloodbath ensues that would make even Leatherface blush!

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During the spoiled deal, Montana's best friend Angel is brutally murdered with a chainsaw. With Montana the next to die, he makes a narrow escape when Manny stops flirting with girls on the street and saves the day. Still, Montana does not leave until killing the remaining Colombians who killed Angel. One bad decision begets another!

8 Stealing Elvira

It's never a wise move to seduce your boss's best gal, but for Montana, he couldn't wait to steal Frank's trophy wife, Elvira Hancock (Michelle Pfeiffer), as soon as he laid eyes on her.

While attracted to her at first sight, Montana waits for the perfect opportunity to poach Elvira from the increasingly powerless Frank. At the height of his reign, Montana finally publicizes his feelings for Elvira, whom he eventually marries by 1983. When Frank catches wind of Montana's betrayal, a lethal confrontation results in yet another terrible deed done by Tony. Stay tuned!

7 Deals With Sosa Solo

Even prior to pilfering Frank's best lady, Montana was going behind his boss's back to make unauthorized cocaine deals abroad. In the end, Tony's disloyalty costs him his life.

When Frank sends Tony and Omar to Bolivia to meet with druglord Alejandro Sosa, Montana makes a deal with Sosa behind Frank's back. As he watches his pal Omar hung to death from a chopper, Tony vows never to betray Sosa under any circumstance. Sosa agrees to the deal proposed by Tony, setting him up as Frank's eventual rival.

6 Starts Own Business

Once Tony returns to Miami, he finds Frank irate over Omar's death and the unauthorized deal Tony made with Sosa. As a result, Tony breaks free and begins his own lucrative cocaine empire!

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The decision marks the end of Tony's partnership with Frank, which results in an all-out turf war. The more successful Tony becomes, the more vengeful Frank becomes, and when Elvira gets publicly involved, Tony's betrayal puts him in grave danger. The decision to start his own illegal business may sound enterprising, but at what cost?

5 Has Gina Beaten

One of the undoubted worst things Tony ever did was deny his younger sister, Gina (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio), a chance at finding true love.

Throughout the film, the overprotective Tony feels like his best friend Manny isn't good enough for Gina. He tells Manny to stay away from Gina early in the film, leading her to date a drug dealer named Fernando. From there, Gina mixed up with the wrong crowd until she meets Manny many years later and begins seeing him behind Tony's back. What Tony does when he finds out is even more unforgivable!

4 Kills Frank

Once Frank realizes Tony's betrayal, he orders a professional hit on the man. Once Tony catches wind of the assassination attempt, he responds in kind!

Indeed, one of the worst things Tony ever did was kill his first boss, Frank Lopez. Without Frank, Tony never would have been given the opportunity to propser in American the way he does. Still, after stealing Elvira and doing business deals behind his back, Frank had to retaliate. But did Tony really have to whack Frank, even when he pleads for his life?

3 Kills Alberto

Another terrible thing Tony does his avoid paying U.S. taxes. As a result, Tony is given the option to avoid doing jail time for tax evasion so long as he agrees to assassinate a journalist intent on exposing Sosa's crimes.

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Tony agrees, but when he arrives on the scene to assassinate the journalist, he notices the man's wife and children are with him. Irate, Tony refrains from the assassination. Instead, he turns around and murders Sosa's righthand man, Alberto, before returning to Miami without a hitch.

2 Kills Manny

Given all that they've been through together and everything they've sacrificed for each other, what Tony does to Manny at the end of the movie is arguably his worst action ever committed.

Remember, Manny was not only Tony's best friend and closest confidant as he rose through the ranks of the Miami drug scene, but he also Gina's one true love. After years apart, Tony finds Gina with Manny at the end of the movie. He becomes so enraged that he shoots Manny dead on the spot, only to learn Gina and Manny just got married, and Gina was planning to tell him as a surprise. The devastating mistake leads directly to Tony's worst action ever.

1 Final Massacre

All of Tony's bad decisions and misdeeds become compounded into one final violent massacre he cannot escape from. Not even saying hello to his little friend can help!

After killing Manny and seeing the effect it had on Gina, Tony becomes so despondent that he holes up behind a mountain of cocaine. As Sosa's men storm in to retaliate for Alberto's death (among other things), Tony's final stand ends with a bullet-ridden whirlwind of mayhem and violence. The decision to stay put and the fight ends up costing him his life in the end, not to mention the countless lives of those he murdered along the way.

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