Suicide Squad Concept Art: DCEU Scarecrow & Joker Drives the Batmobile

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In an effort to build out the DC Extended Universe quickly, Warner Bros. made the decision to launch Suicide Squad as their third film and bring a number of villains into the cinematic universe. The film included incredibly popular DC villains like Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), Deadshot (Will Smith), Amanda Waller (Viola Davis), and more, making for a villain-centric film that was a hit with moviegoers, if not necessarily critics.

Since the film's release, there has been plenty of concept art hitting the internet, showing alternate takes on characters and different scenarios playing out over the course of the film. These changes have been minor for the most part, but a new batch of concept art suggests there would have been another of Batman's rogues' gallery featured in the film: Scarecrow.

Artist Ed Natividad recently posted a number of images he designed for Suicide Squad. In addition to a McDonald's pitstop by Joker and Harley, there were some other intriguing ideas left out. Multiple pictures depict a scene between Joker and Batman, where the former is sitting inside the Batmobile, seemingly taunting his nemesis by fiddling around with his beloved car. In addition to this scene, Natividad also did a take on how Scarecrow would look in the DCEU, suggesting that villain was possibly set to appear at some point.

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As indicated in all of the featured art, these images were commissioned in late 2014, so nearly two years before the movie hit theaters. That said, they were still made before filming began, which is interesting as neither of these concepts were included in the actual movie. It is possible that early on in the scripting process, director David Ayer considered putting Scarecrow in as one of the villains, or perhaps just a Gotham City cameo. If this was something being considered, it will be interesting to see if the DCEU revisits the idea of bringing the famed Batman villain into existence.

However, there will likely be fans that are left wondering why this idea of Joker and Batman meeting did not make it into the film. Clearly, this would have given each of them larger roles in the film, so maybe Warners and Ayer didn't want to take the focus away from Task Force X too much. But it also looks as though Joker may have been included in the film's finale with Enchantress, which may have altered the film's storyline considerably. As usually is the case, then, it seems the concept art will launch many new, interesting inquiries into what might have been.

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Source: Ed Natividad (via Batman-News)

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