Blumhouse TV is Reviving Scare Tactics Reality TV Show


Blumhouse TV is bringing a "scary" reality TV series back to the small screen. When it comes to the horror genre, one company has gradually carved out a big piece of the cinematic pie for itself: Blumhouse Productions. Headed up by its namesake Jason Blum, Blumhouse is the studio behind such hit horror franchises as Paranormal Activity, Sinister, Insidious, and The Purge. They've also released such notable standalone entries Rob Zombie's Lords of Salem, Get Out, and Split, and are also behind the upcoming reboot of Halloween.

Not content to dominate the theatrical horror landscape, Blumhouse has also begun to make inroads into the TV world, starting with an upcoming TV series expansion of the aforementioned Purge films. as well as an announced series based on the Tremors movies that will see Kevin Bacon return to his original starring role. In short, if one loves horror, the chances are high that they've recently found themselves watching a lot of projects bearing the Blumhouse logo.

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Now, Variety reports that Blumhouse is teaming up with producer Scott Hallock to resurrect the Syfy reality series Scare Tactics. Hallock served as executive producer on the original Scare Tactics run, which produced 5 seasons spanning the period of 2003 to 2011. As one might imagine based on those numbers, Scare Tactics never really had a regular schedule, with Syfy being fond of pulling it out to fill holes in the line-up or as a Halloween season treat for viewers. One assumes that the revival will also air on Syfy, but Variety's article doesn't confirm that.

For those unfamiliar, the premise of Scare Tactics was a simple one. Unsuspecting victims - usually volunteered for the series by a mischievous friend or family member - are recruited to a location under false pretenses, such as a temporary job or medical study. Then, the participants are subjected to a scenario right out of a horror movie, complete with actors playing monsters and psychos, and Hollywood special effects helping to sell the whole deal. Once the victims get too scared - or outright run away - the truth is revealed, and a good laugh is usually had.

Scare Tactics also lays claim to one of the oddest hosting line-ups in reality TV history. The show was originally hosted by Charmed alum Shannen Doherty, before she was then replaced by Stephen Baldwin, one of the many Baldwin brothers. Scare Tactics took a hiatus for a few years, before returning with its longest serving host to date, in SNL vet Tracy Morgan. There's no word yet on whether Morgan will return, or someone new will be found to introduce each segment and then make fun of the scared contestants afterward.

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Source: Variety

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