Scandal: 10 Worst Episodes (According to IMDb)

Scandal was an engrossing drama, but upon reflection, it had some mediocre episodes. So, using IMDb's ratings, here are the 10 worst Scandal episodes.

Whoever said politics was an easy career, obviously never got involved. Thanks to Scandal, we know how cutthroat and even how deadly it can be. Over its seven-year run, Scandal provided fans with laughter, emotion fits, water-cooler topics and more plot twist than most shows.

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In the end, it was worth it. However, Scandal did fall flat a few times during its run. Out of 124 episodes, there was bound to be a few duds. Well, according to IMDb, these are the 10 worst episodes in Scandal's great run.

10 Good People (Season 7, Episode 9) - 7.2

This was one of the worst episodes for one reason alone. Despite their arguments, Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) was ultra quick to turn on Quinn. Simply bad writing here. Rowan made Olivia think that he killed Quinn. He wanted Quinn to know just how much his daughter had changed. Even with said changes, this was just heartless on Liv's part.

While out shopping he meets a good guy name Tim, invites him over and they bond while assembling the crib. Then Rowan loses it when Tim sees Quinn and kills the man. At this point, we know he's a killer. But the high note was Quinn helping Rowan clean up the blood.

9 Robin (Season 7, Episode 8) - 7.2

The team, especially Huck, knows that something is up with Liv and is the first to put the pieces together. It got so bad, that Huck goes to see Fitz and ask for help. The funeral was just disappointing and then Charlie running to the house and hears a baby? Come on, Rowan has always been smarter than that.

Will they confront Liv? Does she even care what went down? Will Charlie be able to spend time with his baby? We know how Rowma feels about the child and if he did kill the mother, who's to say that he won't take Charlie out the same way? And best of all, is Quinn even dead?

8 Watch Me (Season 7, Episode 1) - 7.2

And just like that, the white hat is gone and Oliva is into the darkness. The writing in Season 7 is terrible and fans were hoping that "Watch Me" was just the lone mistake. As the head of B6-13 now, Liv must make the kind of decisions that drove her father and Jake insane.

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With Jake in her ear and she in Mellie's, no wonder the season started off on the wrong foot. Liv is questioning whether to kill an innocent child in order to get an undercover CIA agent back on American soil. Have we really stooped this low?

7 Wild Card (Season 5, Episode 12) - 7.1

There are times where politics can be a bit too much. In "Wild Card", Cyrus went too far. It's good to have a good candidate, but winning at all costs does have its problems. Cyrus finds the person he wants to run for President. Susan is ready to make her move on David and Jake is dating someone new.

Heck, even Fitz is trying to remove Liv out his life by having a new woman. Everyone seems happy, that is until Cyrus orders that his new candidate Vargas is shot (non-lethal) just in time for the cameras to catch it. What do you expect, it's politics.

6 Adventures In Babysitting (Season 7, Episode 5) - 7.0

Should we root for Olivia or against her? Her actions this season have been borderline crazy. But what should we except from Command? Her father handled the position and he's a lunatic and now that Oliva has it, well, the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.

With President Rashad's niece in danger, Mellie and Olivia devise a plan to end the war. However, when things go south and Liv sees an opportunity to get what she wants, she makes the hardest call of her career. She kills Mellie's love interest and niece just to flex some muscle. Savage move.

5 Day 101 (Season 7, Episode 3) - 7.0

Who really needs saving in this episode? Is it Olivia from joining the dark side or Fitz from his boring post-Presidential life? All answers and fingers point to Fitz. He did what he said and opened up his Library and moved to Vermont with Marcus of all people.

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But the flip side of that is, he has no life. This is not what he expected and a strange argument between him and Marcus forces Marcus to leave him behind (if just for a short moment). How is this episode not last on the list?

4 Till Death Do Us Part (Season 5, Episode 18) - 6.9

Jake was a mess growing up and an even bigger mess before Eli came into his life and introduced him to B6-13. Eli saw an opening and he took advantage. Fast forward, and now we can understand why their bond is as strong as it is. The B6-13 plan is set in motion but they didn't account for Liv and her counter-attack.

Jake is set to marry Vanessa but Olivia gets him to confess that he doesn't really love her, it's all business and appearances. She knows now that she still has a tight hold on him. It's game time.

3 Baby, It's Cold Outside (Season 5, Episode 9) - 7.4

Mellie is not going to back down from anyone. Not Fitz or Olivia, so why should she take a back seat to Congress? When she finally gets her chance to speak, Mellie holds court until she's literally about to pee on herself.

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Liv is now becoming the trophy wife she's always despised but the county is booming and they have accepted the once mistress as the lady on his arm. Then, there is the showdown between Huck and Eli. It's intense, but not as thrilling as we all hoped it would be.

2 Over A Cliff (Season 7, Episode 18) - 6.2

This is it. From this point on, everything changes. It's time for Olivia and her crew to spill the beans regarding all the major secrets. Mellie is afraid she'll be impeached and just be remembered as the First Lady and not the President. For a series full of secrets, it's strange that it had to come down to this.

After the truth is out, lives are different. Cyrus kills David, Jake is in prison, Mellie is still with Marcus. Charlie is set free to be with Quinn and Robin and as for Liv -- she rides off with Fitz. It was a great ending, but to lose David, especially at the hands of Cyrus to have him just sign some papers and walk away, it was a major letdown.

1 The Decision (Season 6, Episode 10) - 6.2

It was only a matter of time before Scandal aired one of these "What If" episodes. Olivia wonders what would've happened if Fitz never won the election. She comes to terms that they would be married with Huck still as her friend. Quinn would be on some dating game show and Mellie will be in a relationship with Cyrus while running for President.

With the flashback over, there are still pressing issues that must be addressed. With the truth out about Vargas, Mellie could easily become President. No one wants that. Jake, Fitz, and Liv devise a plan to get Cyrus his throne in the White House.

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