Scandal: Every Gladiator On The Show, Ranked

In the political world of DC, being a Gladiator is somewhat of a privilege. While everyone knows who she is, not just anyone gets a chance to enter the wild world of Olivia Pope. Only a few people have gotten the chance to work at OPA, or QPA, as it's now known as.

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Today, we're going to be taking a look at Scandal's resident fixers, every single person who's ever been a gladiator, and we're going to rank them. Without any further ado, let's get into it. Here is every Gladiator on the TV drama Scandal, ranked.

9 David

Josh Malina and Darby Stanchfield as David Rosen and Abby Whelan in Scandal

David ends up at the bottom of the list for one simple reason: he was a liar. While he was an interesting and helpful character for most of the time, his tenure at OPA was simply to deceive everyone there to get evidence for the Defiance cover-up. Because of this, David takes the bottom spot on this list.

8 Stephen

Viewers of the show never got too much of a chance to know Steven. In season one, he was introduced as Olivia's right-hand man. He was a skilled and valued member of OPA, and while his personal life was a bit of a mess, he was always a reliable employee for Olivia.

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He simply ends up near the bottom of the list because we never got a chance to see how good of a gladiator he was. Then again... he also saved Olivia from being auctioned off into the black market so thank you for that, good sir.

7 Charlie

An absolute mess of a man, we have Charlie. A B-613 agent just like Huck and Jake, he is no stranger to doing what it takes in order to get what he needs. As such, he's a suitable person to work at QPA.

While his methods might be a bit... extreme at times, you're usually in a bit of a desperate situation when you're seeking help from a company such as QPA. Besides, with Quinn there as his wife to reign him in a little bit, he's probably fine. Probably.

6 Marcus

Along with Charlie, Marcus was another late addition to the Gladiators. Marcus was a civil rights activist who once hired Olivia and crew before joining them. While he wasn't with them for as long as some of the Gladiators, he was a valuable addition to the team.

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While he is now with Mellie Grant and no longer works at QPA, he was no stranger to his own controversies, as he's previously had an affair and caused Michaela Pratt of How to Get Away With Murder to have her own affair, which is still affecting that show to this day. While Marcus inspired a lot of change in the outside world, his own world was a bit of a mess before he happily settled down with Mellie.

5 Abby

Abby Wheelan has been at OPA since the beginning. After a tenure at the White House under Fitz, she is once again working with the team at QPA. While Abby is feisty and no stranger to wrangling with the big dogs in DC, she was always someone that Olivia could come to for some measured and useful advice.

While she is an attorney, she works at OPA and like the other Gladiators, is willing to do anything it takes to get things done. She takes no prisoners and is one of QPA's most valued assets. Considering that Abby has worked at OPA and the White House, she certainly has the skills needed to make it in DC.

4 Harrison

Once Stephen was out of the picture at OPA on Scandal, Olivia decided (very, very slowly) that Harrison should be the one to replace him. As Olivia once helped Harrison out himself, he trusts her implicitly, no matter what the situation they were in. As such, he was willing to do anything that Olivia needs him to, making him a valuable asset to the OPA team. He was a calm and collected person who was great at his job at OPA.

Unfortunately, once Harrison found out too much regarding plans on an assassination attempt on Fitz and Mellie's son, he was killed by Olivia's father Eli Pope, something that rocked the entire team (and the viewers at home as well).

3 Huck

Huck is another former B-613 agent turned OPA associate after he was "fixed" by Olivia. After managing to get out of B-613 he was homeless and quickly developed a relationship with Olivia. Huck is incredibly gifted with all things tech, and used those skills numerous times to help out OPA and QPA when needed.

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However, in times of desperate need, Olivia would call on Huck to break out his B-613 skills. She tried to only rely on this measure when it was their only hope, and Huck would always oblige when needed. His wide skillset and loyalty to Olivia make him one of the best Gladiators out there.

2 Quinn

Let's just say that there's a reason that Olivia handed OPA over to Quinn when her time there was done. We watched Quinn go from someone who cried on her first day at OPA to a literal B-613 agent to the head of QPA. That's certainly a bit of a glow-up, no?

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While she is originally hesitant to do some of the things that are required when working at OPA, she quickly comes into her own and becomes one of Olivia's most trusted allies. Trained by Huck in all of his various skills and combining them with her own, she is the best Gladiator out there. Well, except for one.

1 Olivia Pope

Did you really think anyone would end up at number one on this list besides the one and only Olivia Pope? Olivia, the girl who had to be twice as good to get half of what they have. Olivia built OPA all on her own, and quickly rose through the ranks in Washington.

Olivia has done just about all there is to do at DC. Olivia ran OPA, worked at the White House, ran B-613 (we all have our low points), had a plane blown up (our really low points), she's done it all. Olivia's done a lot of good, and a whole lot of bad. However, after leaving OPA, she finally decided that it was time to don the white permanently, and even while she may not be one anymore, she will always go down as the best Gladiator there ever was.

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